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With the hiring process at an astonishing 29-day completion rate this past summer (and that is 29 working days, mind you) per the DHI Group, employers are once again proving that, indeed, it is in fact the earliest of birds that gets the worm. By that, I mean that the prime candidates who are most highly sought after may be more interested in the jobs that are offered to them sooner.

How Digital Interviews Increase Conversion Rates

What does this prolonged period mean? Well, simply put, it means time and money is wasted on lost opportunities. Without enough workers, productivity and profitability is decreased while more and more effort is redirected into what should be streamlined procedure. So what should be done sooner takes longer, what needs to get done can’t because there aren’t enough people doing the job, and while the hiring process is spinning its wheels ever so slowly, the best candidates are not being quickly identified and hired. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Digital interviews change the underlying assumption that it takes a village to hire an employee, even an important employee, and provides recruiters an easier, faster, less expensive and less distracting way to manage job openings. Digital interviews help recruitment teams work smarter, not harder, to increase conversion rates.

The beauty of digital interviews is that the software is designed to decrease the tremendous amount of valuable resources hiring teams exhaust in the interviewing process. Hiring teams are able to keep the same process they have (X number of interviews before in-person interview) however, the efficiency of the process is increased. Recruiters and candidates stop playing waiting games, start candidates are easier to identify and recruiters limit the amount of face time they spend with unqualified candidates.

With the utilization of digital interviews star candidates are pushed through the interviewing process faster, leading to a faster quality hire. For example, many of our clients use one-way digital interviews to help identify star candidates in the screening process. By having one-way digital interviews that the recruiter can watch at their convenience, decisions on a candidate’s suitability can be made promptly and time is not wasted. Candidates can hear back quicker and feel free to pursue other options if they wish or will know they are being “short-listed” and be ready to make a decision if offered a role.

Those highly sought after candidates will take the best offer they receive timely.  So reduce delays and be the early bird with digital interviewing. If you would like to see a live demo of how digital interviews can work in your hiring process, click here. We look forward to connecting with you!

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