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Ideally, digital interviews allow not only for the passage of information in the form of the answers given to questions asked, but they also provide insight into the person answering the questions. Honesty, of course, is a most desirable quality to employers. But how do you know if you’re getting the truth?

How Digital Interviews Pull Honest Candidate Responses

The answer to that question is twofold. First, your digital interviews must include questions that elicit information beyond the facts and force candidates to provide information where there is no clear right answer. Second, by using digital interviews, recruiters glean information from the candidate’s body language, facial reactions, tone and inflect and even visual responses (eye rolling is a great example of what you don’t want to see from a candidate) that reveal the candidate’s honesty in their verbal responses.

What kinds of questions can be helpful? Generally speaking, questions that promote honest responses will be:

Motivationally Based

Discover what drives your candidate. What are their personal and/or professional goals? What do THEY want to get out of the job? Is this a job they will grow into or out of quickly? In the digital interviews pay attention to whether…

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