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Digital interviews are designed to benefit both the employer and the candidate. We hear from both sides frequently, about their needs. In fact, that’s what has helped us evolve into a fully-featured digital interviewing platform.

But are candidate and employer needs aligned, in the interview process? Surprisingly, in the majority of cases, yes! Fundamentally, an employer is looking for a candidate that is a great fit for the open position, and a candidate is looking for an employer at which they can succeed. If you start from that perspective (and we admit there are exceptions), it’s easy to imagine how many of the candidate and employer motivations and needs are aligned.

Since we hear from both sides daily, we thought we’d publish some of our findings of top needs/wishes from both sides.

What We’re Hearing

Although perhaps not scientific, here’s our summary of the top needs/wishes that we hear from candidates versus employers, and the ones we hear from both.

We think it’s telling, that the “from both” list is the longest list of all:

Remember, the talent matchmaking game is only effective when both the employer and the candidate can successfully navigate the process (with ease, preferably) to get to the point of an offer being extended. So, seeing both sides of the equation can help you work more effectively towards that goal.

Digital Interviews & You

Haven’t implemented digital interviews yet? It’s hard to fulfill the above needs and wants of both sides without a bit of technology enablement. Overwhelmingly we find that candidates and employers both benefit, for example, from having the application process that begins online, 24/7, whenever the time is right. And both sides have an extreme preference for moving the process along efficiently (employers are busy, candidates are busy, both want to efficiently get to the outcome). Digital interviews help to meet these and other shared needs.

Whether you are an employer or a candidate, take a peak at the benefits list for the other side — we think you’ll find it enlightening! Did we miss any key benefits that you’ve come to rely on? Drop us a line or catch us for a 1:1 conversation to tell us more!

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