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Are you modernizing your interview process to include digital interviews? It may be time to upgrade your vocabulary as well. Here’s our list of terminology, acronyms, and jargon that we hear related to digital interviews. Some are terms that live on from old fashioned interview processes, but with slightly nuanced changes in their meaning. Read on to refresh your vocabulary, and we’ll steer clear of complex dictionary-style definitions.

1-Way Interview
An interview, typically used during pre-screening or screening, where the questions are pre-recorded by the recruiter or hiring manager. The candidate typically hears (voice) or watches (voice and video) the question being asked, and then responds via either voice recording or a webcam recording.
2-Way Interview
An interview where the candidate and the interviewer are having an interactive discussion.
Applicant Page
A web page that is available for candidates to begin the application process for an open position, anytime. Applicant pages are sometimes listed publicly, and are sometimes by invitation only.
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
A software package that manages the entire recruiting process, potentially including advanced or specialized feature such as digital interviews, via compatibility with other software providers.
A process by which a candidate's answers to interview questions leads to automatic advancement to the next stage of the interviewing process.
An advanced scheduling tool that takes into account the realtime calendar data of interviewers and observers, to present candidates with a range of interview day and time options during which the hosts are known to be available. Autoschedulers used in digital interviews may include compatibility with popular calendaring systems.
Digital Interview Workflow
A workflow that establishes the process by which interviewers receive applications, pre-screen and screen candidates, and interview until arriving at a hire or decline outcome.
Prequalifying Questions
Questions that are asked on an Applicant Page, that allow the employer to determine whether the candidate satisfies basic pre-requisites of the position. Prequalifying questions are sometimes automatically processed to either advance the applicant to the next stage of the process, or to end the application process.
Requisition (or just “Req”)
An open position that an employer aims to fill with a qualified candidate.
A highly structured set of definitions of questions to be asked by the interviewer, rating scales upon which a candidate must be evaluated, and processes for documenting the execution of the question and rating process.
Voice Fallback
A secondary option available in some digital interviews, where a candidate can opt to interview via voice instead of video. A voice fallback is typically used in a case where the candidate has a technical problem that prevents a video interview.
Voice Interview
An interview conducted via phone, mobile app, or web browser, using audio interactions only.
Video Interview
A digital interview conducted via mobile app or web browser, using video and audio interactions. Video interviews often have a Voice Fallback. Video interviews are a type of digital interviews.

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