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Almost 60 percent of Americans play video games, making it a $15 billion industry, According to a report by the Entertainment Software Association. Video games are not just for boys anymore with adults and females holding a larger market share than ever before. Someone needs to create these moneymakers. The gaming industry employs more than just programmers. Like creating a Hollywood movie, making a fun and exciting game requires talent from multiple fields.


Video game designers are the visionaries and motivators of the game-making process. Typically the designer develops the game story, makes flowcharts, and coordinates talent. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics reports the average annual pay for a game designer ranges from $60,000 to $100,000, requiring a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. The designer needs to understand, at the minimum, all of the job functions of the rest of the team.


If the designer has the vision, the artists and animators make them come to life. Video games are a visual media so brilliant and edgy artists can make or break the project. Typically, multimedia artists and animators are self-employed, working as project-specific contractors for developers. The median salary is a little more than $60,000 and requires a Bachelor’s Degree in fine arts or computer graphics. More importantly, the artist needs a strong portfolio with a wide range of styles, including puzzle games like those from iWin and more advanced FPS games for consoles

Sound Engineer

Well-placed music and sound enhance game play, making this job on of the most important. It holds such significance that games like Crazy Taxi used music from hit bands The Offspring and Bad Religion. Sound design is a highly specialized field, hovering between technical artistry and engineering skills. Average salary is $56,600, reports the BLS. Like the artist and animators, sound people need a BS and a strong musical portfolio.


Of course, to make an online-game, a video game, or a phone app, you need a talented programmer. In today’s age, a good programmer will know several coding languages and platforms, including Java and C. The programmer’s job is to bring together the vision of the designer, the talents of the artists and sound person, and turn it into a fun, usable, and fluid video game. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the average salary is a bit more than $74,000, requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, and has a good outlook for the future.


Mom always hoped you would find a job playing video games. That is exactly what testers do. This job falls under the quality assurance department and requires the person to look for enjoyability, bugs, and flaws. Being a game tester may not be as wonderful as it sounds. The pay tends to be low and the work can be demanding. Besides playing the games, a tester needs to write extensive reports documenting issues of game play. Despite the hard work, it is a great start if you want to get a foot into the industry.

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