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Have you seen one of the latest fitness videos trending around the internet this week?  It’s called Prancercise: Prancercise ®: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence, from Joanna Rohrback, and it’s an aerobic workout inspired by horses.  If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to check it out.

You’ll probably think it’s goofy or crazy, you may think the creator is off her rocker, you may not even be able to get past a minute of watching, and you may even cringe at some of the outdated, possibly injury inducing techniques.

But, if you can get past all of that, Joanna actually has a lot she can teach you about building your job brand (or personal brand.)  You see, Joanna actually created Prancercise almost two decades ago, but it’s only been recently that the internet has turned her into a pseudo-celebrity.  And, while we’re all laughing, Joanna is laughing with us and loving the attention.

Here’s our top 5 lessons from Joanna and Prancercise:

1. Find What Inspires You/You Brand

“I must have heard a really good song I liked on the radio,” Rohrback said. “I started moving in a rhythmic way, using ankle weights. And it just evolved.” –quote from ‘Prancercise’ Creator on Her ‘Wacky’ Workout and Being Too Famous to Prancercise, Daily Beast, Winton Ross

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Once you identify the source of your company’s or your own inspiration, run with it and see where it takes you.  It’s the journey, not the destination, right?  You may need to go through several iterations before you get it right and your brand might need to evolve over time.  Or in Joanna’s case, the right opportunity just had to present itself to revive Prancercise.

2. Embrace Your Brand

Yes, Joanna is laughing with us all, because she loves the workout routine she’s created and the philosophies she espouses around it.  She doesn’t care if she’s thought of as a little goofy or wacky because she wouldn’t have herself any other way.  It works for her.  If your brand works for you, don’t try to fit other molds or be something you’re not.

You’re going to attract the wrong types of people if you’re sending out messages that don’t fit the core of who you/your company are.  Additionally, job candidates are often turned off by getting excited about a company’s brand attraction only to not see it realized in the interview and feel duped.  If your brand is wacky and goofy like Joanna, OCD and hyper, or innovative but relaxed, embrace it, because there will be others attracted to it too.

3. Don’t Keep it To Yourself

When Joanna starting exploring her new exercise routine she didn’t hide out in her home until it was perfected.  Quite the contrary, she started prancercising everywhere she went, everyday, and it attracted attention!

Live your brand, share it with others, and embrace it.  Don’t let it just sit on a piece of paper or a website.

To be authentic and attract the right talent or the right people, your brand needs to be identifiable and not just lip service.  Your brand does nothing for you if it just sits on some marketing copy.  Network, promote it on social media, espouse it in your everyday life—expose your world!

4. Don’t Give Up

If you feel strongly about your brand and you’re not getting traction, don’t lose hope.  Keep exploring, try new things, and stay true to who you are and what you represent.  Joanna encountered a condition that left her unable to Prancercise for over nine years, but she didn’t forget about it. She did everything she could to get back into form to share her passion. And, it paid off.

You might not have nine years to wait to bring talent in the door, but if you stay true to your brand, it will stay true to you and strengthen as time goes by because people will identify with the brand. Unlike many temporary fads and trends other companies might pursue to attract job seekers, your brand’s integrity will withstand the test of time to continue to attract talent to build your pipelines.

5. Have Fun

We can all tell Joanna is enjoying sharing her passion in her videos.  So what if we laugh, she’s laughing and loving it.  If you don’t like your brand, what you represent, and the talent you’re attracting—then take a good look at why you’re representing yourself in a way that doesn’t serve your job brand.  If you’re going to embody your brand and ask others who join your team to, it better be a brand you enjoy representing.  In the words of Joanna, “Get out there, and have some fun!”

What lessons did you learn from Joanna and Prancercise that apply to building your job brand?  

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