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Today’s communication and modern technology are being used by more companies in their complete hiring process through video interviews. This can be taken advantage of by schools and universities to sort and hire faculty members.

Why Education Recruiters Care About Video Interviews

Schools and universities put a lot of effort into finding the right person to make sure that their students get the best educational experience. This is making the academic hiring process difficult especially since the hiring in public schools is expected to increase between now and 2020 by 12%. To do this, hiring teams have to schedule interviews by phone and meet them in person for a preliminary interview. Since people may appear differently from what is written about them, one-on-one meetings are crucial to discern if they are what each department is seeking.

There are more teachers now than there are school positions. Meaning that recruiters will be facing possibly a hundred applications and they need to sort these out to find the right fit. Each department wants a faculty member with a specific set of knowledge and skills. To determine if they are the right persons for the job, they have to meet the candidates…

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