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If recruitment is a game, the players are fairly obvious- the employers who have work that needs to get done, the candidates who are interested in doing the work, and the recruiters that try to find a perfect match between the others. But, just like in most strategy games, the pieces and the players are not all cookie-cutter replicas of each other. Each candidate has a voice and a personality, and so does each employer. The perfect match is found when the employee’s voice matches the voice of the company, and in this case, the employer branding.

Where Employer Branding Comes Into Play in the Recruitment Game

Strategic employer branding within the interviewing process ensure that the employer’s voice is heard and that their culture and company ideals are represented so that the candidate can decipher whether or not their personal brand (personality, morals, ethics) is in sync with the employment branding of the company in question. Simply put, employer branding is another way recruiters can get one step closer to a pool of quality, like minded applicants and software like RIVS video employs customization and personalization options to promote and preserve employer branding.

Consider the options available for employer…

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