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The social chatter has been a buzz as of late regarding Facebook’s Graph Search (still in beta, but you can join the waiting list to be one of the first for it to roll out to.) For recruiters and job seekers, it could be the next foray to connect on a major social platform outside of LinkedIn.

The possibilities of Graph Search are interesting, especially when you factor in the ability to search terms that match in line with corporate culture or personality traits that you’re recruiting for.  The ability to apply these additional filters gives it mass appeal over the regimented business only exterior of LinkedIn.

However, even with Facebook’s massive user base, there are some snags in all the excitement: the majority of users don’t have the same completed employment profiles as seen on LinkedIn, as well there are consistent privacy concerns that plague Facebook with every update to the platform.

We’re curious to see how you feel about the introduction of Graph Search.  Do you think it’s a great idea, and will it entice you to beef up your profile and go public with more information in order to be found by employers, recruiters, and others?  Or, will you keep your privacy settings as- is (or lock them down more) and continue to retain the identity of Facebook as a social platform for friends, family, and personal interests, and not mix business with pleasure?

Vote in this week’s birdfeud:  Will Facebook’s Graph Search entice you to be more public with information (in order to get found by employers) or stay private and hide away?

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