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In a recent Quora post, a user posed the question What are some favorite interview questions? We decided to cherry pick some of our favorite responses below:

So, what don’t you like about our product?

It’s actually several questions in one. Did you bother to do your homework before coming here? Do you have good ideas? Are you an ass kisser or direct and honest? Pete Mauro


What were you like in high school?  Then he asked same about college

I find you get interesting answers around their first jobs, clubs they were in, hobbies that show signs of hustle and character. Steve Ressler


What are you really great at, better than anyone else you know?

I would be listening for skills that match the requirements of the job and a solid example of how the candidate has used that skill in the past. It also offers insight into the person’s self-awareness.Bill Florin


Source: (52) What are some favorite interview questions? – Quora

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