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Leaders in HR technology run in a tightly knit circle and are constantly shaping the way technology impacts the human resources sector. The following four leaders in HR technology dominate the social sphere through active blogs, columns, radio and interview shows that help guide discussions and influence the way we think about technology in HR:

Social Influencers in HR Technology:

Bill Kutik

Bill Kutik is a veteran in the HR technology sector with almost 30 years of experience analyzing all forms of technology used for HR. Kutik is currently the host and managing editor for Firing Line with Bill Kutik, host for the Bill Kutik radio show, as well as the tech columnist for Human Resource Executive magazine and HREonline.com. Kutik’s social media influence in HR technology comes from his experience in reaching audiences through all forms of media outlets including, print, radio, video and digital. Fun fact about Kutik: He scored a 799 out of 800 on his English SAT test. Kutik, we’re curious which one you wrong too.

Steve Boese

Steve Boese, Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference and writer/editor for Human Resource Executive magazine pockets over 20 years of experience in implimenting technology solutions for HR and business issues. Boese’s social influence in HR technology is attributed to his presense on a variety of media outlets as the inside HR tech columnist for Human Resources Executive, columnist for HREonline.com, blogger of Steve Boese’s HR Technology blog and host of HR Happy Hour Show with Trish McFarlance. His social efforts have resulted in an impressive 31.5k followers on twitter and Boese’s blog was named the No. 1 talent management blog by the Fistful of Talent.

Trish McFarlane

Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3HR Advisors and HRevolutionize, specializes in the alignment of overall business objectives with HR strategies through communication and technology solutions. Beyond her HR leadership within organizations, McFarlance’s social influence on HR technology stems from her role as  founder and writer of HRingleader blog, co-founder and writer of Women of HR blog, and co-host of HR Happy Hour with Steve Boese. Interested in what she has to say? Join McFarlane’s pose of 32.3k followers on twitter.

Bryon Abramowitz

Bryon Abramowitz, Director lead for HR cloud technology at PwC, pockets 18 years of experience working as a HR Technology consultant to help companies implement technology solutions into their recruitment process. Abramowitz’s social influence comes from his blog, The HR Technologist, where Abramowitz discusses all topics pressing in HR technology. Although RIVS doesn’t play favorites, Abramowitz is a Chicago native so we think that makes him pretty cool.

These social influencers in HR technology serve as resources from which organizations and HR departments can learn and grow from. If you’re ready to add HR technology to your recruitment process, click here to schedule a one on one RIVS demonstration to see if  video interviews are a solution for your recruitment pain points.

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