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Job seekers, want to get a leg up on your competition and practice your interview skills?  Do new interview methods like recorded phone and video interviews intimidate you?  Wish there was a way you could get feedback from the hiring community on your interview skills?

Well, you’re in luck!  Rivs.com is partnering with Interviewing.com to promote Feedback Fridays!

What is Feedback Fridays?

Feedback Fridays is your chance to test drive Rivs.com as a job seeker without having to apply to a real job, giving you a chance to practice your interview skills and better prepare yourself for some of the new interviewing trends that are becoming more popular.

We’ll be posting a fake position every other week on Rivs.com that you can apply to online and go through all the steps in the process from written questions, to an automated phone screen, to a video interview.

Every other Friday, Interviewing.com will have members of the hiring community posting feedback to some of the best interview applicants and some that need a little guidance on how to improve their skills.  So every time you apply, you have a chance to get direct feedback on the site.

 click here for Feedback FridaysWhat is Rivs.com?

Rivs.com is a revolutionary startup company based in Chicago that provides web-based hiring software that allows companies to cut down on the hiring process by offering a streamlined interview process to manage their applicants, which includes the use of recorded audio and video interviews.

Why Feedback Fridays?

Interviewing.com doesn’t want to just educate job seekers and the hiring community on interviewing, we want to engage you in the changing conversation of interviewing.  We want to give you the opportunity it give and get direct feedback on some of the new technologies and procedures changing how we find and land jobs.

Our partnership with Rivs.com is one of our first opportunities to give our audience a chance to test drive one of these technologies and get comfortable with where technology might be changing how we interview and what we think of interviewing in the future.

A few things to note:

By applying to the simulated position, you agree that we may use your interview on Feedback Friday’s to help continue to educate job seekers and provide tips.

This mock job is setup just like a real automated job interview (with a few fun twists, on occasion.) There will be multiple parts to the process like receiving email invitations to different parts of the interview–so be on the look out!

Relax, have fun, and get some great feedback!

 click here for Feedback Fridays

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