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interview glasses

You’ve got your best outfit picked out and enough change for the parking meter. You’ve practiced your firm but not-too-firm handshake. You know the company inside and out, and absolutely know you want to be a part of it. You’re ready to nail this interview. So what are you forgetting?

Many interview experts say one important ingredient still needs to be added to your ensemble: your glasses.

Whether they’re the real deal to help you see well or simply non-prescription specs that look cool, rocking your eyewear seems to give a perception of insight and wisdom. Being nearsighted, farsighted or even 20/20 certainly won’t help you once you get the job, but do seem to be advantageous in an interview situation.

  • Don’t dwell on why it works: According to Psychology News and Reviews, studies have revealed a parallel between intelligence and myopia, but modern psychologists haven’t been able to figure out why this perception of glasses equal smarts persists. It could be because the interviewer makes an instant generalization when he or she sees you with your glasses, you subconsciously boost your self-confidence with them, or there’s an actual biological connection between poor vision and heightened intelligence.
  • Use them right: If you’re a longtime wearer of glasses or trying them out for the sake of an interview, there is some basic etiquette involved. LDS Employment Resource Services, who shares interview tips for anyone who wants to look their best, offers two big pointers for glasses wearers: don’t look over the tops of them at the interviewer, and feel free to remove them, especially if you only use yours for reading.
  • Find something individualized but fashionable. What type of eyewear you wear can say a lot about you, but that may be something for another column. Today’s hipsters may prefer a blockier, darker look, or something that harkens to the larger, rounder frames popular in the 1980s. Other spectacle wearers prefer a smaller, light, minimal look. There are more acceptable choices than ever blending function and fashion. Even the ‘nerd’ look of the past now has a certain appeal.
  • Don’t break the bank: If this job search will be a new adventure for you in the world of glasses, prescription or non-prescription, you may have a little bit of sticker shock. Glasses wearers already know that you should get an exam, then order frames and lenses — prices can vary significantly depending on where you shop. Don’t forget about the extras like soft cloths, cleaning sprays or durable cases. Somewhere like Vision Direct can offer great discounts and a larger selection of lenses or eyecare accessories.
  • Back it up: Andrea Kay, a glasses-wearing columnist for USA Today, said glasses may truly help give applicants a subconscious boost, but she said there are other ways to show off your smarts that may even be more effective. She suggests being familiar enough with the company that you can discuss its strengths and weaknesses, answer all questions articulately, look attentive with or without your glasses, and follow the whole thing up with a strong thank you letter.
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