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got motivation

We all know some days it can be difficult to find the motivation to start or continue your job search or to begin the hunt for that needle in the haystack candidate. Sometimes it’s not a lack of resources or ideas or people willing to help, but just finding the right inspiration to get you moving. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite motivational videos from around the web to get you going in the right direction.

For those of you who feel as though you may have failed and are working to find the courage to get back up again. This video is for you:

This video is for when you need to get pumped up to show your true colors and be yourself again—To let go of any inner fear and pursue what you want in life and know your worth (Warning there is some mild violent content and verbage):

Courtesy of BuzzFeed, watch this 60 second video and be ready to go out and conquer the world:

For everyone out there with a vision, an idea, something burning inside of you to create, this video might inspire you to keep pulling from within and go in search of your dreams:

Simply feeling stuck in general and not sure what to do with your career? Life is a matter of 2 choices according to this video, so will you choose to survive or succeed?

One of our all-time favorites comes from an old Apple “Think Different” campaign. One simply can’t help but be inspired to conquer the world.

Have a favorite video that helps inspire you?  Send it to us and we’ll include it in a future segment.  In the meantime go out and seize the day in your career and in life!

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