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2016 started off with a strong demand for customer goods as people’s financial pockets grew in the prosperous market. The increase in buyer demand means the number of employees and staff must rise to take care of customer service, increased production, and launch new ideas. The one thing that doesn’t increase is the time that hiring managers and business owners have to conduct interviews.

Hassle-Free Hiring for Hourly Roles

Time management help comes through modern developments like the video interviewing software. Pre-recorded and live video interviews help hiring managers sift through the top candidates and discover who they want to spent time with in in-person interviews. The process works particularly well when hiring for hourly or seasonal customer-facing workers where you need to fill the position asap with someone who can best represent your organization.

Video interviews continues to grow and adapt to employer needs. RIVS adds new clients every day that see value in the ability to use video interviews to find their next employee from across the country or world. The technology is perfect for those seeking higher level candidates, but businesses hiring for hourly or lower level roles may have different needs.

RIVS recognizes that video interviews won’t work for everyone. Hiring for hourly employment may not have access to the technology needed to interview by video…

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