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When job hunting or recruiting, the power of your network becomes increasingly important to get connected to the right people.  But, when it comes to building that network on social sites such as LinkedIn, everyone has a different approach to how they build out their network and what they value.

While many sites have broken down individual strategies into four main styles, we really think there are two distinct camps that get touted when connecting on LinkedIn: Lions and Turtles.

Lions are those who openly connect with others via the social outlet, the belief being the larger your network, the more opportunities available to you and the more people you have the ability to come in contact with.  In many cases, this means connecting with or accepting invitations from slight acquaintances, referrals, or even complete strangers.

Turtles, some would say are the complete opposite of Lions.  They value having very tight-knit connections with those they know and trust.  Turtles tend to connect with people they have a direct relationship with such as family, friends, school and work peers, and mentors, leveraging the value of their strong ties an ability to speak on behalf of anyone in their network.

Which camp do you fall in or tout to others when discussing how to utilize social networks (primarily LinkedIn.)  Vote in this week’s birdfeud: Are you a Lion or a Turtle?

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