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scaling company culture

3 Tips to Scale Company Culture and Talent Alongside Growth

Every company starts out small.  And, most companies that choose to grow face the problem of scaling their culture alongside their growth.   Growth in an organization can often attract job seekers, but in the same vein growth can also signify instability making it difficult to attract desired talent.

By taking a proactive approach, recruiters and hiring managers can play a large role in helping company culture to scale alongside an organization’s development.  Here are three tips to keeping talent knocking when the company is growing, shifting, and rocking!

1.  Identify a set of shared beliefs.

In a small up-and-coming company or even a middle-sized one that’s growing, the company culture isn’t always written down in a handy mission statement or marketing piece.  Often it’s a set of unspoken traditions, beliefs, and treatment of peers that grows over time to form bonds in the way employees and managers interact.  Sit down with management to identify exactly what it is that makes up your company’s culture so that everyone is on the same page when seeking new talent to bring in the door.  Don’t take for granted that you’ll just know it because everyone may have slightly different feelings on the subject and it’s better to have the conversation beforehand, both as guidance for hiring decisions and to set clear expectations for job seekers.

2.  Focus your hiring from the top down.

When bringing on leadership, they have to buy into and exude the culture your company wants to thrive in the workplace.  If they don’t believe in what the company stands for a trickle-down effect will occur through the ranks.  Additionally, once you have leaders onboard who stand by the culture, involving them in the hiring process to help grow their teams can give an added insight into discovering and cultivating the right employees that will fit well in the environment.

3.  Promote the culture inside and out.

We all know that some of the best hires come through referrals.  You can of course go out and network and espouse to the world what your company is all about hoping to attract talent—no one’s going to knock your efforts.  But, even better is when you can get your current employees to do it for you.  Work with leadership to help promote programs outside of business hours for employees to socialize such as intramural sports leagues, pub quiz teams, networking buddies, etc.  It’s a win-win!  Employees form stronger bonds with one and other while networking with non-employees, your employer brand is getting seen around town, and people are becoming attracted to the culture you’re building by seeing it firsthand.

What additional tips do you have for recruiters and hiring managers to help scale company culture and attract talent during periods of high growth?

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