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When it comes to HR departments, recruitment team members are faced with a never-ending list of work to be done. For some, trying to stay afloat means holding on to old methods and outdated technologies, but the companies whose HR departments are dominating attracting the market’s finest talent are altering their recruitment process as the economy and applicant pool shifts.  A third of HR professionals report that it’s getting harder to fill positions this year, so rather than staying buried in a sea of unread applications, here are ways to improve your hiring process to attract and engage the best candidates for your organization.

Market Your Employer Brand

The value of content marketing is undeniable and critical in attracting top candidates to your open positions. It gives prospective applicants (as well as your current employees) a good idea of what your organization’s values are. When candidates know what your mission is, they’re well informed and more than likely, already a great cultural fit. The easiest (and more cost effective) way to market your employer brand is to hit the social sites. Promote your current employees and the successes they achieve every week as well as engaging industry related articles. Build your credibility by hosting twitter discussions or posting in LinkedIn groups.  Company awards, publicity, and industry news will impress applicants and recruiters alike, adding to your overall brand status. Job listings and interviewing tips will also help recruit the right candidates and give your audience a reason to keep coming back to your website.

Create a Better Candidate Experience

Once you’ve attracted top candidates, a good candidate experience is critical to keeping them engaged in the interviewing process. To start, a good candidate experience should provide candidates with a glimpse of what it’ll actually be like to work at your company, offer flexible interviewing capabilities, and employ quick and transparent communication. This may seem like what recruiters call a “high maintenance candidate,” but in a candidate driven marketplace recruiters need to adapt in order to engage top candidates. To begin hitting those points, send candidates employee testimonials or give candidates a tour of the office and meet other team members during their in-person interview. For flexible interviewing capabilities, allow candidates to complete their screening interviews outside of normal work hours through a digital interview so that they aren’t jeopardizing their current position to interview with you. For quick and transparent communication, make sure you’re calling or emailing candidates back about their status promptly. It’s important to keep candidates engaged by showing them that you value their time and effort in the interviewing process. Candidates will remember a pleasant hiring process, ensuring that they keep an eye out for future opportunities (and pass on the good word to other applicants).


Great organizations are made up of  great employees, which start with a killer recruitment team. To learn more about how you can attract and engage the best candidate to keep growing your teams, schedule a one-on-one meeting with RIVS here.

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