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As the way we communicate with one another continues to evolve with the rise of online social platforms, so too does the way we recruit and search for jobs.  While you can always go the traditional route of posting your resume to a job board, blindly submitting your resume to postings, or meeting with local recruiters to learn about openings, why not utilize the power of Twitter to proactively approach your job search and land your next interview.

Many people are still skeptical of twitter’s relevance, however, more and more recruiters, companies, and job seekers alike are jumping on board daily and benefiting from the platform’s unique viral approach to actively engage the employment community.  With over 15% of hires coming from social media platforms, and growing, you should be utilizing these five steps to increase your chances of landing an interview via twitter:

1. Update Your Twitter Profile

If you don’t already have an account, it’s time to start one.  If you do, it’s time to clean up your profile to include information regarding your industry, skills, location, and the type of position you’re interested in.  Make sure your name/handle is easily identifiable and get rid of any silly monikers that may turn people off from connecting with you. These changes will allow recruiters to find you more easily in searches.

Twitter also allows you to link to your personal website.  If you don’t have a personal website to promote yourself, opt to link to your LinkedIn profile instead so that potential employers can learn more about your experience.

2. Connect

Start building out your network by following industry leaders, employees at companies you’re interested in working for, recruiters, and job search resources.  Try to only follow those individuals who are relevant to the type of work you are looking for or who provide quality information so that your feed does not become overwhelming with tweets that are of no interest to you.  Start meaningful conversations with people in your field to showcase your expertise or skills and network to learn about openings or to gather more information on potential employers.

3. Search

Familiarize yourself with Twitter’s search and advanced search techniques to identify job openings, potential employers, job chats, and relevant hash tags.  Hash tags are a great way to quickly start following relevant conversations to join in or to locate specific information like #jobs.  Try utilizing a dashboard such at Tweet Deck or Hoot Suite to organize your searches and conversations and manage your network.

4. Utilize Apps and Services

There are many job related Twitter apps that you can utilize such as TweetMyJobs, which  will update you when a position is posted that is a match to your criteria, or TwitJobSearch or JobAngels.  In addition to apps, there are many twitter services and profiles that will post your credentials via their feeds for recruiters to pickup and connect with you, as well as ‘pay it forward’ users who will post your job search to their network.  Use the twitter search feature to locate these users or try an online search for twitter job resources to locate relevant apps to your job search.

5. Engage in Chats

Getting involved in scheduled chat sessions on Twitter is a great way to improve your search strategy.  Because they’re set up for discussion you can connect with people who can aid your search directly without sending unsolicited tweets or emails.  Some chats are specific to industries or companies, while others such as #HireFriday or #HFChat are geared towards providing resources to all job seekers with new topics every week.  Not only can you connect with others, you can gain further tips and resources to aid your job hunt and improve your interview skills while building your presence on Twitter.

Once you’ve started with these basic steps on Twitter, don’t be afraid to get more creative with your search and in connecting with others to drive conversations.  When possible, try to drive online conversation offline, to connect in person and build stronger relationships with your new network.  You never know which avenue will lead you to your next interview and ultimately your next job, so why not engage in every resource available to you–start tweeting to land your next interview today!

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