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Your resume can make you or break you. Not only do you need to have all the important information on it, but you need to memorize it. Getting professional help with your layout or updating an out of date resume shows determination. When interview questions are asked, you need to be ready with your best answers. How else can you improve your chances of getting hired? Here are a few tips.

Create a True Image

Employers are looking for an experienced candidate when they look at resumes. When they finally meet you in person they want to see how you handle your social environment. They look for a true and genuine person that will be able to represent themselves. This includes describing your past jobs honestly, and why you would work well at a new company.

Think Positive

Keep your eye on the prize, which is steady, secure employment. If you’ve been pounding the pavement without any offers it’s okay to try a different search direction. Just don’t lose hope. Go over your resume and remind yourself that you skills are useful. There are jobs out there that you can consider grabbing while you continue to look for something even better.

Attitude is Everything

Not only should you think positively, but you should also present an optimistic and resolute confidence. Go into an interview with a firm handshake, and thank them for the opportunity. Your resume got you in the door, now it’s your chance to demonstrate your abilities and referring to your list of work experience and achievements will help. Be excited and smile, but be professional as well.

Remain Calm

If you can master the ability to look calm, (even though your palms are sweating), you can ace any interview, as long as you remember your directive. Let the interviewer lead. Listen to the question and think before you speak. Don’t brag or blurt something out, and don’t talk over anyone. A great way to learn to stay calm is to practice answering some tough questions in a mock interview with a trusted friend.

Learn from Experience

If you prepared for an interview but didn’t get hired it’s your chance to improve for the next interview. Study your resume. And study up on the companies offering a position you want. Be ready to answer the tough questions about yourself. You can use specific history and experiences from your resume that will enhance your chances of getting hired in the future.

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