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When a position needs to be filled ASAP, the typical knee-jerk reaction is to screen applicants as quickly as possible for their relevant experience on their resume. However, as we’ve discussed here before, basing your hiring decisions primarily on a candidate’s experience can mean missing out on the best person for the job and possibly making the wrong hire. Candidate qualities such as their personality characteristics and moral are strong indications of the candidate’s success in the role and at the organization that aren’t necessarily apparent on their resume, and something that recruiters wait to screen applicants for in in-person interviews. Video interviews help recruiters screen applicants beyond their resume for important qualities that  beginning of the interview process rather than waiting for in-person interviews. The following are three qualities to look for in a candidate during their videol interview:

3 Qualities to Screen Applicants for with Video Interviews:

The Right Attitude

You may have heard people say, “attitude is everything” and when it comes to the livelihood of a candidate’s ability to succeed, they may just be right. Leadership IQ surveyed 20,000 new hires across multiple industries and of those 20,000 new hires, nearly 10,000 failed within the first 18 months and 89% of the fails were due to attitudinal reasons. Recruiters who screen applicants for their attitude are able to get a better understanding of who the candidate is both personally and professionally to gauge whether or not they have the right attitude for the role and ability to handle the responsibilities that comes with the role.

The Right Passion

While most job seekers will tell a recruiter how excited they are by the prospect of working for their company, finding candidates who are genuinely passionate about the industry and work that a company does can be a little more challenging. If a recruiter can successfully screen applicants for those who are truly passionate about the company and work, both the candidate and the employer can reap benefits. When an employee is passionate about their work, they will actually be happier, more productive, and even more innovative at work. According to an article from Bloomberg Businessweek, “People are more productive and creative when they have more positive emotions. In fact, we found that, if happier on a given day, people were not only more likely to come up with a new idea or solve a complex problem that same day but also to do so the next day.”  Put simply, hiring passionate and engaged workers means that you’ll get passionate work, which might not be the case for a less enthused candidate with a better resume.

The Right Motivation

When a recruiter first receives the resume of a candidate with a long list of relevant experience, they view it as a positive; the candidate has done this kind of work before. What a resume can’t tell you, is whether or not the candidate’s work was done well. A candidate’s motivation is one of the most important qualities for a hiring manager screen applicants for because it reflects how hard the candidate is going to work for your organization. An employee who is motivated will make sure that their work is done right and finished on time, without needing supervisors or co-workers to encourage them to do so. Even in the case of new hires that might lack some of the knowledge necessary to perform a job, motivated individuals are more likely to take the initiative and learn the skills themselves.


Screening applicants for their attitude, passion and motivation increases your chances of finding the right person for the role and organization. Video interviews help recruiters screen applicants for such qualities at the beginning of the screening process rather than waiting until the applicant comes in for an in-person interview. By waiting to screen candidates for their attitude, passion, and motivation, recruiters could potentially loose quality candidates who became disengaged by not being pushed through the hiring process fast enough. On the flip side, waiting to screen candidates for important qualities could lead recruiters spending too much time with the wrong candidates.

So, why wait? Click here to see how you can use video interviews to screen applicants for important qualities at the beginning on the interview process.

Image used under Creative Commons by Mandala Travel.

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