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It’s Friday, a great time to reflect on the week that was, and the best HR blog articles that we’ve read this week. At RIVS we read a lot about interviews and talent acquisition. However, we’re also generally “HR Enthusiasts” so we come across a lot of HR blog articles that pique our interest more broadly. Here are some of our favorite finds from this week. We’ll admit that some of these took a bit longer to reach the top of our reading stack, but all are worth a look!

#1 Steve Boese talks candidly about signals of a corporate death spiral after getting word of a case of an unusually-timed change in corporate policy.
#2 Trish McFarlane responds to several recent high-profile claims that HR is not strategic, and states her case for the RISE of HR.
#3 Fistful of Talent asks a provocative question asking if there are any situations in which recruiters should press the pause button and not pursue candidates that are possibly available.
#4 Sean Little touts the need to cater to job searchers for whom mobile devices and social media are the norm.

Got a particular HR blog that deserves a positive call-out here? Drop us a line in the comments and point us to a post that you think deserves a mention!

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