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Whether you want to upgrade from your current position or have been out of a work for a while, looking for a job is never easy. Some people make the job hunt even harder on themselves by making easily avoidable mistakes. For example, more than 60 percent of resumes have some sort of typo, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. Taking the time to read over your resume is just the first step to landing a job. Review your process to make sure you aren’t making these other common mistakes.

Not Doing Your Research

When you apply for a position, you need to know what you’re talking about. That means more than simply understanding the type of work you’ll be doing. It also means digging a little deeper to find out more about the company and doing your research on the person you’re addressing. No hiring manager wants to be called by the wrong name or have their name spelled wrong in the cover letter. Before you even start to write your letter, find out the history of the company and its mission. Also double check that you’ve got the person’s name and contact information right.

Letting it All Hang Out Online

Employers review more than your resume, cover letter and references. They might also take a look at your online profiles. If you’re got anything online that’s negative or embarrassing, take it down before you start the job hunt. That includes pictures of you getting wild at a friend’s party as well as your complaints about your current or past job. It’s better not to put anything up online that you wouldn’t want an employer to see in the first place. But, if the damage has been done, services such as Reputation.com can help you monitor your online reputation and suppress negative information about you.

Being Weird

There’s a big difference between thinking outside of the box and being strange. Employers are turned off when candidates act strangely, either during the interview or when applying for the job. An article in Parade recalls a person who logged on for a video interview dressed like a character from “Star Wars.” The CareerBuilder survey found a person who claimed to speak “Antarctican” when applying for a job at the South Pole. Neither candidate landed the job, though their behavior did raise eyebrows. Instead of being strange just to be strange, think creatively and showcase your skills and abilities in a way that makes a company want to hire you. If you are creative, make sure the employer sees how your creative approach directly relates to the position you’re applying for.

Wearing the Wrong Outfit to the Interview

Even in a casual day and age, what you wear to a job interview matters. Super casual clothing, including jeans and T-shirts, are always a no-no for an interview. You might not have to wear a suit, but you should still look professional. Along with avoiding being too casual, you want to avoid revealing too much skin. Melissa Wheeler of Luckie & Company recommends double checking your skirt length before heading to an interview.

Tips For Landing a Job

  • Leave the attitude behind. Show the employer respect.
  • Read everything over before you send it. Ask a friend to proofread for you.
  • Let people know you are searching, but be careful who you tell. You don’t want your current employer to find out you’re thinking of leaving.
  • Keep things brief. Limit your resume to a page and your cover letter to a few paragraphs.
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