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When it comes to job-seeking, you’re on top of your game. You’re researching the companies that interest you. You’re looking in all the right places (up to 18 places, according to a new CareerBuilder study) for the position that seems to have your name written all over it. You’re following up and trying to set yourself apart from everyone else. But as it turns out, that’s no longer enough. You’re up against an increasingly complex and automated application process that may make it more difficult to apply to the job you want or hear back from the employer you’re interested in working for.

Why? Well, today’s employers are feeling the pressure of a job market in which you, the job seeker, is in control — meaning it’s ever more difficult for them to find and keep the best workers. While many employers may believe they’re taking the right steps to combat this, they may be unintentionally alienating job seekers like you. The gap between what job seekers expect and what employers provide during the hiring process can be quite vast — and it’s not making the hiring process easier for either side.

This infographic details how differently job seekers and employers see things when it comes to research, the application process, interviewing, salary, reputation, communication and more. How can job seekers and employers learn from each other’s expectations, frustrations and behaviors to make the hiring experience better for everyone?

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