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Hiring managers have questions that they love to ask you, and questions they love to be asked. However, there are some questions that hiring managers hate hearing – and can risk ruining your chances of getting the job.

Some of the most-hated questions include: “How many days can I work from home?”, “What does the job pay?” and “When will I be starting?” All of these inquiries are presumptuous and speak more to your personal interests, rather than asking for more information about the job’s responsibilities or the company’s goals.

While employers understand that these are logistic questions that are important to your career preferences, they can’t glean much good information about you as a potential employee if your questions center on what you’re getting out of the partnership. Instead, get to the same information by asking questions like “How do you treat your employees? Do they get perks like options to work from home or competitive salaries?”

But be sure to do your homework before heading into the interview. Stay away from questions that you should already know the answers to, like who the company is or what goals and vision they work towards. Instead, create thoughtful questions that allow hiring managers to see that you understand their workplace and are intelligent enough to add a competitive edge to their team. The more informed, confident and able you are, the better your chances of impressing employers and creating a good impression.

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