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Purchasing an interview software is one of the most important investments a HR team can make and requires careful evaluation in order to find a software that is best for your team and hiring process. To help you out, we outlined five essential criteria to look for when choosing a interview software.


What to Look for When Purchasing Interview Software:

Solution Based

First, the interview software you choose should provide a solution to pain points in your interviewing process. For example, RIVS client Central Consolidated Schools first implemented video interviews when they experienced a major turnover of nearly 100 education professionals, 40% of whom were teachers. Within the first 5 months of using RIVS, CCSD used one-way video interviews to hire 23 top quality teachers and reduced their time to fill a position from 30 days to 13 days.

interview software

On a less extreme scale, many of our clients are simply fed up with the hours lost over screening candidates. NES Rentals implemented RIVS one-way digital interviews to quickly screen candidates digitally. By automatically sending candidates one-way digital interviews upon submitting their application, NES Rentals was able to eliminate phone screens and speed up their interviewing process. The sheer amount of candidate insight NES Rentals was able to glean from digital interviews ultimately reduced their number of interviews by 30% by narrowing their in-person interviews to top candidates.


Knowledgeable Partner

Your digital interviewing software provider should serve as a knowledgeable partner, which comes with two parts. First, a knowledgeable partner provides expert advice on digital interviewing best practices and where digital interviews can best be utilized in your hiring process. Such expert advice is rooted in the knowledge of human resources, not necessarily technology. At RIVS, members of our team have experience in the HR industry and understand the sector to be able to provide clients with the best interviewing guidance.

Second, from a technical standpoint, a knowledgeable partner provides excellent client and candidate support. RIVS offers 24/7 candidate support 7 days a week and one-on-one client support during normal business hours. Clients are onboarded through a training process and receive training material, user guides and tutorial videos.


Browser Based

It’s valuable to have an interview software that is browser based so that recruitment teams can access the platform from any device that connects to the internet. In addition, a browser based interview software doesn’t have to be installed in order to be accessed or limited to the user’s local computer. Hiring managers can conduct or review interviews from any computer, mobile device or tablet from any location with internet service and don’t have to rely on candidates to properly download any software to complete an interview. Instead, hiring managers can simply send candidates interview links that bring them directly to their digital interviews. Hiring managers and candidates can avoid download hassles and potential miscommunication that could interfere with their interview.


API-Level Integrations

Interview software with an open API is important for human resource teams who use an applicant tracking system. With an open API, RIVS is able to integrate with any applicant tracking system so that HR teams are organizing and interviewing candidates on one platform.


Mobile and Tablet Friendly

interview softwareAccording to Kelton Research, 86% of active candidates use their smartphone to begin a job search and 70% of active candidates want to apply via mobile. Choose an interview software that is mobile and tablet friendly for recruiters and candidates on the go. For even better quality assurance, choose an interview software that has apps for candidates and recruiters to access the platform.







This article was originally posted at http://blog.rivs.com/2015/08/interview-software-buying-guide/

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