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Interview software exists to capture the momentum that begins at the moment that a candidate first discovers your job opening and is excited to apply to join your team.  That moment, many would argue, is the optimal time to begin the process of bringing the candidate into the fold of beginning the interview process.  At that moment there is such a favorable combination of emotions including the suprise of finding a perfect job opportunity, the healthy anxiety about applying for the position, and the excitement of imagining what it might be like to work in your organization.  Want to capture that excitement and turn it into a speedy interview process?  Pick your interview software wisely.

Here are three key ways to capture the momentum and capitalize on it:

Tip #1: Less is More

Your applicant page (especially if you are using RIVS Digital Interviews) probably has a number of written questions that help you vet the candidate’s fundamental qualifications to see if they match the most basic and firm requirements of the position.  Some employers are of the mindset that this is the place to gather a full cadre of factual information about the candidate, to avoid the need for additional formal questions later in the process.

Not so, actually.  The purpose of the applicant page in interview software (at least with RIVS) is to ask ten or fewer questions that a candidate can easily answer within five or fewer minutes.  Any more, and you start to lose great candidates that also happen to be busy people with minimal time to put up with red tape.

Choose your questions wisely.  Keep them short and quick.  You can always add a later workflow step that asks further written questions at some appropriate point further in the process.

Tip #2: When in Doubt, Auto-Advance

Got a pre-qualifying question on your applicant page, that is more of a heuristic than a firm requirement?  By that, I mean, do you ask about the candidates education level but have every intention to be lenient about their response if the candidate excels in all other areas?

If that describes your perspective, then be very generous with the acceptable answers to the pre-qualifier questions that you specify.  When in doubt, favor the ability to be generous in your pre-qualifier questions, and auto-advance your candidates to a 1-way interview so that they can continue to “feel the progress” of acting on their momentum of continuing the application process.

There’s a noticeable trend we’ve observed with candidates that get auto-advanced to a 1-way interview.  They tend to feel more comfortable with the employer than they otherwise would, because the 1-way interview adds the personal touch of seeing the video of the hiring manager or recruiter, and that helps build the candidate-employer connection early.

Tip #3: Customize Your Emails

How do you like it when you receive an auto-reply to an email you send?  Most people don’t terribly mind it, but it’s so impersonal that it feels mechanical.  Want your interview software to feel more collegial, friendly, and personal?  It doesn’t take much.  Customize your email templates and write them as if you are writing a friendly email to a candidate that you are excited to meet.  Don’t write it like a robot.  Know what I mean?  It sets the tone right from the beginning, and it’s just plain more comfortable to receive a note that has some personality to it.

Interview Software Wrap-Up

Interview software succeeds when we tap into human tendencies to feel positive about a process that has momentum, to feel more connected when we see someone’s face and hear their voice, and to feel more comfortable when we receive communications that comes through in a comfortable tone.  If your interview software doesn’t allow or encourage these types of tips, you need to run fast to RIVS where we’ll help you get set up with a better way.

This article was originally published at http://blog.rivs.com/2015/07/interview-software-that-captures-momentum/

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