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Interview software is for, well, interviewing.  But it turns out that interviews are one of the areas of a large business or entity that end up needing quite a trail of records to demonstrate that a fair and reasonable process led to the business decision that was made.  If your interview-related records are spread out across email inboxes, calendars, and shared notepads, now might be the time to rescue yourself from an impending nightmare by switching to a solution where an audit doesn’t lead to a catastrophic distraction.

To give you a flavor for the types of matters that can come up in an audit of interview processes, here are three ways in which we’ve helped clients move speedily past their audits in the past.

1) Interview question consistency.  If you disqualified a candidate due to a question that you asked only to one or a few candidates, but didn’t ask of every applicant, it’s time to think about cleaning up your processes.  With digital interview software (like RIVS) the best-practice is to pre-record your pre-screening and qualifying questions, and to deploy a 1-way interview to each applicant.  This makes the first step of your interview process entirely consistent.  Every candidate sees the same questions.  Every candidate gets the same amount of time to respond.  Every interview timestamp is recorded.  Every submitted response is stored.  Get the picture?

2) Candidate consideration set.  When you open a requisition in your interview software, you should strive with great energy to attract multiple candidates so that the interview process can select the strongest candidate amongst a peer set of individuals that passed the pre-screen.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to, at a moment’s notice, pull up the set of candidates that competed for a particular position?  Your trail of candidates for that position helps to establish that you created an open and inclusive process in seeking the best candidate for the role.

3) Resumes, portfolios, and cover letters.  Need to show that you have done basic due diligence on each candidate that applied?  The archive of uploaded documents from your candidates, will be your ally as you search through the set of applicants that you’ve historically considered for your various open positions.  If a particular requisition’s due diligence necessitates a portfolio, require a portfolio upload.  If it necessitates a resume, require a resume upload.  You get the idea.  That’ll put you in the “ready position” if you ever need to show the rigor and consistency of your application process.  It’s pretty hard to bring order to this chaos without interview software.

Interview Software Wrap-Up

We’ll spare you the more elaborate stories of custom-crafted queries that we’ve executed on behalf of clients that found themselves in a particularly elaborate audit.  However, the important thing is that you have a set of systems, processes, personnel, and partners that are equipt to address whatever audit may or may not land on your desk.  Your interview software will likely be the cornerstone of the process. Need help getting set up?

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