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We couldn’t help ourselves. Trolling through the endless amounts of tweets and posts, we’ve once again compiled a few of our favorite social media shortcomings and smile-raisers on behalf of job interviewers and the recruiters and hiring managers who both love and hate to cringe when they run across these beauties that make their hiring decisions so much easier, if not more memorable.

Oh Captain Obvious, we know waiting is boring, but sometimes that’s what you have to do to get the job. But, we definitely appreciate the picture you included so we’re sure it was us that made you wait. Next time, we’ll think about including entertainment in the waiting room, after all that’s what going to work is all about, right?

Felix, we have nothing negative to say—you, sir, give hope to the masses…if only every interviewer could take a cue from you! Hope the interview went great!

Yeah, Jason, we can see how the situation might suck. Probably even more so if you future employer sees this tweet after your job interview…as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Well, we’re thinking that was a rhetorical question, Ellie, but you let us know how the interview turned out and whether or not you got the job.

See, we keep saying the universe is forgiving; AlyssaMic is proof of that right? Congrats on your second interview!

We’re going to hand it to Ed Casey, he makes a very valid point. Take heed!

Well, @DopeBoyMcCoy, let’s hope she doesn’t read this tweet, because despite what you think, hiring managers often get the opinions of everyone you come in contact with…so next time if you really want the job, you might wait until later to let the world know how you really feel.

Now, Chris, this tweet alone is kind of funny. However, if this is a true story, you can bet the interviewer is now going to check you out on twitter to see if what you say is true, and let’s just say, your account, as of today, could have the ability to offend a few people…might want to put it on private until your job search is over–but on the other hand, the tweets are already out there.

Tweet your favorite interview experiences with hashtags #interviewFAIL & #interviewWIN

If we enjoy them, we’ll pick some to include in our next edition.  In the meantime, always remember that whatever you put on the internet, stays on the internet.  Happy job hunting!

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