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At RIVS we empower countless candidates and interviewers to connect digitally, and although we mostly see smooth/well-run interviews, we do also have a punch list of interviewer mistakes that we’ve seen too often to ignore. Here’s our “hall of shame” list of interviewer mistakes that you should steer clear of regardless of what positions you are interviewing candidates for.

Interviewer Mistake #1: No Planned Itinerary

Ever go to the airport without a plan for what flight you are getting on, where you are connecting, and what your destination is? We doubt it. Likewise, don’t go into an interview without a framework of questions that you plan to ask all candidates that apply for the role. There is nothing more heartbreaking (and potentially unfair) than trying to compare a few similarly-qualified finalists that got asked wildly different questions during their final interview.

Interviewer Mistake #2: Inconsistent Messaging

Have you interviewed a candidate without looking at the job posting or other promotional materials about the position? If so, you are highly susceptable to leaving a poor impression, when a candidate asks a question about some detail seen in the job description. The problem isn’t usually a factual contradiction, but rather a matter of tone and context. Imagine a job description that touts a particularly exciting company-wide goal, and a candidate asks you what work your team is focused on. It’d be nice to weave into your response some thoughts about the way that your team’s work is connected to the broader goal mentioned in the job description. Consistent messaging is a big part of what makes candidates comfortable and confident about the opportunity at hand.

Interviewer Mistake #3: Logistics that Require Patience

Got a great company, great team, and great job posting? Congratulations, that’s a great start. But what happens when your candidates land in a black hole of applicants that you look at only occasionally? You’ll probably lose the most outstanding candidates (they tend to have a lot of options), and you’ll likely be left with the weaker ones. That’s called “adverse selection”, and it’s a fatal interview mistake for companies that can’t get their act together with regard to efficiently advancing candidates through the interview process to a timely outcome. Best to use some technology enablement to advance candidates through the interview process as they clear various hurdles, keeping a clear, organized, consistent approach to managing your pool of applicants and the positions they are seeking.

Interviewer Mistakes Wrap-Up

Want to add some lightweight processes that make it easy to avoid these interviewer mistakes? Swing by our demo page and we’ll connect you with an interviewing expert that can suggest ways to use RIVS to steer clear of these key interviewer mistakes.

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