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As you know, Google is a very big and popular company. That is why so many people wanted to become a part of it. So much so that it inspired this very popular Quora post. So what are some of the questions Google has reportedly asked in its interviews? Try out these brain-busters:

  • How many piano tuners are there in Chicago?
  • What is the weight of the Empire State Building?
  • How many golf balls do you think can fit in the school bus?
  • How much would you charge for washing all the windows in Seattle?
  • What is the proportion of the girls to boys in a country that continues having children until they have a boy?
  • Can you explain why the covers of the manhole are round?
  • In a day, how many times do the hands of the clock overlaps each other?
  • Imagine that you are a captain of a pirate ship and you needed to divide the gold in a way that more pirates would agree with than those who did not in order for you to survive. How would you divide it with you still having a good share of it?
  • You are allowed to break up to 2 eggs during the entire process and you need to find out the highest floor that you could drop the egg without breaking it. Now, how many drops do you need to make?
  • Explain what a database it to your nephew who is just 8 years old in just 3 sentences.
  • How can you build indices if the keywords and numeric attributes in all of the documents are associated with one another? How would you design the search engine?
  • For the position software engineering, how many resumes do we receive?
  • Give me the probability of a stick being broken into 3 pieces and forming a triangle shape using it.
  • How would you deal with disappointed, frustrated and even angry advertisers over the phone?
  • You have forgotten to lock your computer and your friend copied your files all over the file system. Now, write a function that would return all of those duplicated files.
  • Reverse the list without creating a new node.
  • How would you handle an advertiser who does not see the essence of AdWords relationship because of poor conversions?


So Mr. Smartypants, if you’re up for the challenge, check out some of Google’s latest job offerings


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