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Interviews can compound a lot of stress, anxiety, hard work, frustration, and preparation into what hopefully results in landing a job or making an offer to a stellar candidate.  But some days don’t always go as planned, and sometimes you need a little laughter to ease the pain of a job search gone awry or the disappointment of having that applicant run off with your competitor.

We scoured the web and found some interviewing related humor that made us laugh and hope that you also take time to smile and enjoy the day.

(Please note, we wanted to give full credit and benefit to the original authors, so some links may open a new browser page and take you to the original website.)

From theOatmeal.com:

The 6 Crappiest Interview Questions








Types of crappy interviewees







The Origin of Job Interviews – The Armstrong and Miller Show – Series 2 Episode 6 Preview – BBC One

Interview Cat

Interview Cat

5 Job Interview Tips for You: An Odd Todd Cartoon
5 Job Interview Tips Time

Job Seeker Meme

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