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Interviewing and Hiring Tools

One-way video and voice interviews and assessments

rivs_black-1RIVS Digital Interviews provides an end-to-end hiring platform incorporating one-way and live video and voice interviews used by more than 800 clients. Features include:

+One-way pre-recorded candidate video, voice, written digital interviews available by desktop and mobile
+Live video interview tech. Browser-based, no download required. Multiple participants. Can be recorded with bookmarks. Pre-load questions.
+Auto-scheduling of interviews and events. Syncs with existing calendars to find the best times for interviews and events.

Partners or works with nearly all existing ATS platforms


Pay-per-Applicant Job Ads

Appcast provides pay-per-applicant job ads for more than 500 employers. With more than 10,000 sites in its network, Appcast services more than 120 million job seekers.

Using programmatic advertising, Appcast can make sure your candidates find you from nearly any site they visit, reducing your costs by 30%.

For agencies, Appcast built ClickCast to help them manage all their clients’ pay-per-click spend across all media. This is an invaluable tool to understand effectiveness of job ads.

Works with almost all existing ATSes.


Next Generation Job Pages

logo-with-subtitleOngig provides the next generation of job pages for companies serious about connecting with their candidates. Features include video, social, chat, and analytics. Build job pages like you’ve never imagined were possible with Ongig’s platform.

Works with most major ATSes.


Workforce Data Analytics

OneModel provides business leaders with access to insights derived from data across multiple platforms. From knowing your time-to-hire, to average commute times, to average employee tenure, or even just a real-time employee count, OneModel’s solution is ideal.

OneModel works with nearly all major ATSes.

Job ad and Applicant Management Solutions

recruiter-logoRecruiter.com is a job seeker and recruiter matchmaker, boasting over 3 million professionals, 35,000 recruiters, and over 13,000 companies.