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Interview software has in most ways become the expectation, not the exception, when interviewing millennials. It shouldn’t be surprising that many millennials find it routine and desirable to begin their interview process via a 1-way digital interview. After all, five out of six millennials connect with companies on social networks,1 and 89% of Millennials prefer to choose work hours other than 9-to-5.2 If millennials routinely connect with companies online, and favor time-flexibility, you can bet that those two tendencies influence their interviewing preferences as well.

1-Way Interview Software

What’s so great about 1-way interview software, when it comes to attracting millennials? For one thing, it’s great flexibility for the candidate.

It’s hard to beat an interview invitation that specifically mentions that it can be completed anytime in the next few days (often 2-7 days, depending on how the hiring manager sets up the invitation). If you are accustomed to losing some promising candidates because of scheduling mismatches between the recruiter’s availability and the candidate’s availability, 1-way interviews are a terrific strategy.

Mobile Interview Software

21% of millennials no longer use a desktop computer to go online. You can expect that number to grow, and if your interview software is desktop-only, you’ll be at a disadvantage. Furthermore, 43% of smartphone owners (not just millennials) have looked up information about a job on their smartphone.4 These trends will only become more entrenched, and now is the time to ready your hiring process to meet the next generation of candidates on their own terms.

Under-Utilized Skills

72% of millennials feel that their current organization is not making full use of their skills.5 Want to send a signal that your organization is forward-thinking, technology savvy, and a great home for millennials? A digital interview helps to make that impression right away. More than four out of five candidates using RIVS Digital Interviews say that during the interview process they developed a more favorable impression of how innovative the employer was. That can certainly help when a candidate is reflecting on which employer they find most desirable.


If you aren’t yet using digital interview software, you are missing out on addressing the needs and wishes of many millennials in the job market. In this competitive market, every advantage makes a difference when competing to attract the best millennial workforce.

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