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Within the context of recruiting, understanding a candidate’s personality insights is an integral part of determining fit. RIVS provides personality assessments for candidates after completing a digital interview in order to identify these personality insights. Take a look at some of the personality traits that may be important to certain roles.

What Job Needs Which Personality Traits? Open extroverts are well suited for inside sales jobs where people spend their days working the phones and have to be willing to talk to people. Conscientious extroverts do better in outside sales where they are strong active listeners able to identify and match customer needs with company offerings and pay attention to details. Problem solving and conscientious attention to detail as well as an agreeable personality are desirable for individuals working in a tech support- call center role. These people have to be able to translate layperson language into solutions, help upset customers work through their anger, and be both empathetic and practical in their approach. Empathy and compassion are also necessary qualities for billing and account support professionals who are required to be conscientious and agreeable in order to work with what are often difficult or unhappy clients. Openness is a…

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