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This is how you make a REAL connection with a recruiter via social networks.

I am a corporate recruiter, and I manage my company’s social networks for our careers. I know first hand how candidates can make a REAL connection and impression on a recruiter.  Here are a couple pieces of advice for making it happen for you! Connect, connect deeper, engage and REQUEST!

  • Connect: First you need to follow, friend, like or connect with the company you wish to work. Then take a little time to discover whom the hiring managers or recruiters are for this company. Start with the company website, then you can try Google+ or just a general Google search, LinkedIn and twitter. You should be able to find REAL people to connect with via social networks in a short amount of time. Should this not work you can even go old school can call the company in an attempt to retrieve a real persons name. Once you’ve connected begin to monitor their activity, posts and information they share. Chances are you will learn a little about the company culture, jobs and more. This knowledge will empower you later to make a real connection. While you are learning this you will begin to connect deeper!
  • Connect deeper: You’ve connected with REAL people but you need to go deeper. Search for chats, Google conversations, groups or any other type of online conversations that you can engage with the employer. If these avenues are open to the public then join, and join now! Before jumping in and making comments, attend these meetings as an observer. Watch, listen and learn. When you are ready, and have quality insight and information to share that is the time you begin to participate. Online conversations, forums and chats enable you showcase your talents and expertise.
  • Engage: Continue to engage with that employer by staying fresh in their mind. You can do this by sharing and commenting on their posts. Asking intriguing and relevant questions. Heck, a little flattery can’t hurt! Something along the lines of “ABC Company is AMAZING at their #SocialMedia” Or “Congratulations ABC Company on making Fortune Top Great Places to Work!” 
  • REQUEST: At this stage you have established a rapport with that employer. Now you need to stand out and be BOLD (BOLD, not to be confused with pushy or overly aggressive). Ask your employer contact if you could arrange a 5-10 minute conversation to speak about job opportunities, or the best way to become part of their organization, or if they have time to talk about another relatable topic.  Your goal is to have a one on one conversation with that person. Treat that meeting like an interview, prepare your questions, prepare to be asked questions and make an impression the recruiter cannot forget!

In this day and age of recruitment, getting a chance to speak with a real person is next to impossible; especially with large corporations. Social networks are visible to the public, and employers that want to foster a positive public perception with regard to their employer brand will be responsive to your requests. Employer social networks offer candidates a new way to connect and engage with REAL people.

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