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I’ve been told I’m a fatalist. Perhaps I am. For all the research I’ve done on the Future of Work and among the amazing peers I’ve collaborated with in this category, it is so clear to me that the past definitely does NOT dictate the future. As the image implies, there was a time when we all expected to follow a common path: from school to a job for life.

I’ve seen firsthand how technology has wielded its way into the marketing sector. It’s changed the way people have consumed information and how they communicate to each other. This disruption in communication has turned the marketing industry on its head and we find ourselves continuously struggling to keep up. Within a decade, I have seen colleague’s careers cut short – those who have banked tremendous experience in traditional mass communications: TV, Print, radio and promotions.

The communications industry is in a perpetual state of disruption

By 2005, a new crop of roles emerged, necessitated by the increased demand for web-based solutions: U/X design, online advertising, PPC management, community management, and web development. Now with the rise of ad-blocking and ever-increasing consumer demand for transparency and privacy, the online media industry is already…

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