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In the age where applicants will do most anything to stand out from the crowd, from fake Amazon sites, to placing their services on ebay, selling stock in themselves like a corporation, to taking out ads, one Chicago-area graduate has taken the social resume into his own hands in order to secure employment.

Meet Jannic Nielssen, a half Jamaican, half Norwegian recent communications graduate of Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois.  Jannic recently launched “www.KickJannic.com” – an interactive social resume (the first according to him) inspired by “Kickstarter.”

His mission: to connect, network and share his resume in an innovative and unique fashion in order to secure employment by May 1st—otherwise he’ll be required to leave the country.

But, instead of pledging money like a traditional Kickstarter campaign, Jannic is asking everyone who visits his site to pledge their support by sharing his social resume and get the word out about his mission to launch his career through social media.

We originally ran across Jannic’s video resume on Gozaik, a new startup touting the twitter resume and quickly found our way to the website and social resume he set up.  We felt compelled to aid his search for his next great opportunity after seeing his video and the work he put into the site. What can we say, we were inspired by Jannic’s efforts to ‘KICK’ his career in motion and we hope you are too, enough to help spread the word.

But, don’t just watch the video, check out his site, follow the #kickjannic twitter hashtag or him on twitter @itsjannic, share his social resume and become a part of the community to help him reach his goal.  You never know, in helping someone else, you might inadvertently help yourself, too.  Because where hard work starts, luck often follows—after all, that’s how we connected with Jannic.

And should Jannic meet his May 1st deadline to secure employment in the US, we’ll be happy to share an update with you soon.  Let’s help him make this happen and get inspired by what he and other job seekers are doing to make themselves stand out from the crowd and lead the movement towards a more social approach to employment.

As a side note, employers, he’s willing to relocate for the right opportunity!  We give him our seal of approval for being extremely personable, curious, creative, resourceful, and quick to follow-up!

Know of another job seeker’s unique attempt to find work?  Have your own thoughts on Jannic’s social resume. Share with us in the comments below!

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