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Got a live video interview coming up, for a candidate that has made it through pre-qualifying questions and a one-way interview? There is a good chance that you are doing one of two things right now: (1) playing email tag with the candidate to nail down a time, or (2) resting easy because our autoscheduler already found a mutually available time.

Live Video Interview Autoscheduling

If you are reading this and you are in that annoying phase of back-and-forth with a candidate to find an interview time for a live video interview (or an in-person one), here’s what you need to know about what autoscheduling can do to ease your day.

Availability is Realtime

Most of our digital interview clients begin their interview workflow with an application page followed by a one-way video interview. After that, a popular next-step is advancing the successful candidates to an autoscheduling step that finds a mutually available date/time for a live video interview. But how can you know that your calendar is truly up-to-date?

Easy. When a candidate receives an invite to select an interview time with you, we pull your free/busy availability on a realtime basis so that candidates are only choosing from your most up-to-date availability.


Using Outlook? Outlook + Exchange? Google Apps? Outlook.com? The list goes on. We’re compatible with just about anything you can throw at us. We’d never ask you to maintain a separate calendar of your interview availability — that’s just extra work. You’ve already got a calendar. We’ll integrate with it seamlessly and only accept interview slots that your calendar knows are available.


Once a candidate has chosen an interview time for their live video interview (or, could be an in-person interview), we’ll send a calendar item to both your calendar and the candidate’s, with specific instructions about how to join the session. No need to manually add calendar items as candidates confirm their days/times.


If you are currently playing email tag with candidates, just to get live video interviews scheduled, we’re here to help. Join us for a personalized demo and let us show you just how easy interview scheduling can be.

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