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When you are on your way to print business cards, you typically have networking on your mind. The business card represents a long term leave-behind to help new contacts remember you for future reference. In this post, I am going to list some of the advantages associated with taking that same frame of reference and attitude into each job interview. There are huge advantages in viewing job interviews as networking opportunities.

Don’t Show Up Stressed to the Interview

Many people approach job interviews with fear and trepidation feeling a lot of pressure to secure the new job. In the back of their mind they have predetermined that the sole purpose of the interview is exclusively for landing the job they are interviewing for. They believe the interview will be a failure if the interview does not result in a job offer. This creates a stressful interviewing paradigm instead of a relaxed one. You need to avoid this mind set.

Show Up Relaxed and Ready to Make a Long Term Connection

One of the problems with that approach is that it puts undo pressure on you which can adversely affect how well you do in the interview.  If you will view the interview as an opportunity to make a long term connection, it takes much of the pressure off of you and enables you to relax, enjoy meeting the interviewer, make a long term connection and project a much better image while responding in a more relaxed and professional way.

View the Interviewer as a Long Term Connection

After being in the business world for many years and after participating in many job interviews on both sides of the table, I have come to believe that this is a much more reasonable and productive way for people to approach a job interview. The cold hard fact is that not every job will be a good fit and not every interview will produce a job offer. Nevertheless, the person conducting the interview can still be a valuable resource in helping you land another job if a good impression is made.

The Interviewer May Hire You for a Different Job a Few Months Later

Viewing the interview as a networking opportunity makes a lot of sense. First of all, the interviewer may be hiring for another job a few months later. If he is impressed with you, he will make a mental note and keep your resume in his file for future reference. Many people have ended up getting hired by an interviewer at a later time, for a different job.

The Interviewer May Have a Connection at Another Company

Another thing to keep in mind is that the interviewer is probably well connected in the business community and may know of other hiring companies and job opportunities that he can connect you with. A good networker views every opportunity to meet someone as an ideal way to meet a valuable contact that can provide future opportunities. By viewing your next job interview as an exciting and enjoyable networking opportunity, you will significantly increase your chances of landing that job or another one.

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