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There’s a trend underway in nationwide recruitment for K-12 teachers, and it all stems from a substantial shortage of teachers in many geographic areas, and a tiny surplus of qualified teachers in others. Nationwide recruiting was rarely employed as a hiring strategy among districts until just last year when a Texas school district posted an ad in a North Carolina newspaper recruiting teachers to come work in their state. The recruitment approach was so out of the ordinary that it actually made national headlines.

Nationwide Recruiting Heats Up

The educational talent shortage has caused nationwide recruiting to spread like wildfire as districts and states go beyond their traditional marketing and advertising approach in order to begin the new school year with the teachers and school leaders that they need. Districts are harnessing the power of nationwide recruiting, or at least remote pre-screening and screening interviewing, to attract talent regardless of geographic location.

But what states have the most demand for teachers and what are the best nationwide recruitment methods to reach the states with a surplus?  The top five states in terms of teachers employed, probably won’t surprise you:  California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois.  However, hover over your state and your neighboring states below to get a glimpse into what states might bring be bringing stiff competition when it comes to attracting demand.  When you hover over a state, you’ll see the number of teachers employed in that state, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Teachers Employed by State

Source: http://www.bls.gov/oes/#data for all titles containing “Teacher”

If you’re looking to tap into these talent pools, here are 3 nationwide teacher recruitment strategies to employ for your district:
  1. Education Specific Job Boards: You may already use general job boards like Indeed or Monster, but try posting to boards that focus on education like TopSchoolJobs. You can get as granular in your nationwide recruiting through sites like SchoolSpring for posting open teacher positions, The National Association of Secondary School Principals’ Career Center to post open school leadership positions, and many other position focused or district type focused education specific career boards.
  2. Out of State Career Fairs: Between the current talent shortage and various budget cuts, many districts are hiring entry level teachers. Career fairs are a great way for districts to recruit top talent from the graduating classes and to begin building relationships with college career centers for the following recruitment season. In addition, college graduates, specifically Millennials, are more willing to relocate for a new job.
  3. Digital Recruitment Tools: Recruitment tools like RIVS digital interviews have become a key method in nationwide recruiting among districts. Dr. Kim Caley, Executive Director of Northwest Independent School District uses RIVS to screen candidates out of state candidate to help her efforts in nationwide recruiting. “RIVS helps us expand our applicant pool by allowing those who live outside of our area to participate in a digital interview,” says Dr. Caley. Digital interviews help districts tap into top educational talent pools by enabling recruiters to interview candidates through one-way video, written or voice interviews as well as live video interviews.
Nationwide recruitment for K-12 educational professionals is picking up across districts and changing K-12 recruitment. Time to raise your nationwide recruiting game to broaden your applicant pool and to mitigate the risk of being left with a teacher shortage if neighboring states begin to recruit your homegrown talent! Need help? RIVS is ready to set you up for remote screening and hiring!
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