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never ask a recruiter for advice

I have been a corporate recruiter for over 6 years and have been asked on many occasions by candidates Can you tell me what I did wrong in my interview?Here’s the short of it, “No!”

It’s my nature to want to help people when they ask. However, I’ve learned that coaching candidates on the interview process is not an effective process. Why? Because people will do what they want with the information, and more often than not that equates to nothing! Instead of relying on someone else to fix your problems take control and fix your own!

Reasons you should not ask a recruiter for advice:

First, if you have to ask you already know! If your gut is telling you the interview went bad then you already know you have work to do. The recruiter does not have time to personally coach you on your interviewing skills. You need to take control and identify the issues. Then do your work, work to improve for the next interview.

Second, you’ll come across as lazy! When you call a recruiter and ask “what did I do wrong in the interview?You are sending the message that you need their help to fix your problems, that you cannot identify and solve issues independently. Last I checked the ability to problem solve, be proactive and act independently were all characteristics that employers were seeking. If you already left a poor impression based on your interview don’t make it worse, just move on.

Here is what you can and should do:

  • Take some time to reflect on the interview process and your responses.
  • Identify the potential problems areas
  • Research online job seeker, interviewing and career advice blogs and websites. Learn the information you need to improve on your weak areas.
  • Find a trusted friend or professional contact that would be willing to do a mock interview. Ask that person to provide honest feedback. Having a 3rd party give fresh feedback can help you see what you cannot in yourself.

Taking a more proactive approach to your interviewing process will help you better than asking a recruiter you only met one time for feedback. Take each interview as a learning experience, sure it may have been the “your dream job” but there are other jobs and we cannot reverse the hands of time. We can only go forward and make our next day better!

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