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The benefits of digital interviews to the recruiting process may seem, upon first glance, to be in favor in a disproportionate manner to those who are on the hiring side of the equation. They, after, all, are able to view the interviews at their convenience, swiftly determine and weed out unqualified candidates, and essentially streamline their operations. But to only see this side of the impact is, well, one-sided.

Why One-Way Digital Interviews Enhance the Candidate Experience Candidates to Put their Best Foot Forward

By using one-way digital interviews, candidates have the ability to wait to answer a question until they feel prepared to do so without the constant concern over taking that “thinking” time. They don’t have to record their answers until they feel ready, whether the one-way digital interview is written, via video, or by voice. They can also choose the time of day they feel most alert, or if they are already employed, don’t have to feel they are sneaking around the office because they can complete these interviews in their “off hours.”

Save Candidates Time

Candidate experiences are also improved with digital interviews. Like their hiring counterparts, candidates are able to schedule and complete their…

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