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Over the past couple of years, online interviewing has become a standard interviewing method among many recruitment teams. As companies explore growing their recruitment practices through online interviewing with digital interviewing platforms such as RIVS Digital Interviews, the most common question we get is, “what’s the difference between digital interviews and Skype?”. To answer this question, we broke down the following characteristics that differentiate RIVS and Skype:

Online Interviewing: The Difference Between RIVS and Skype


RIVS is browser based, meaning it can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. Skype is an application that must be installed onto users’ local computer in order to be accessed. As a browser based online interviewing platform, hiring managers do not have to rely on candidates to properly download any software to complete the interview and can instead email candidates an interviewing link that bring them directly to their live video interview at the scheduled time of their interview. Hiring managers and candidates can avoid download hassle and potential miscommunication that could interfere with their interview.

One-Way and Live Video Interviews

Online interviewing: One-way interviews

RIVS one-way video interview.

Online Interviewing: Live Video interviews

RIVS live video interview.

Online interviewing through Skype limits recruiters to a live video interview between one interviewer and one candidate. Live video interviews through RIVS allows a total of 5 individuals to participate in a live video interview as either candidates or interviewers and an unlimited amount of observers in case other recruiters would like to watch the interview take place. Each live interview is recorded and stored in the candidate’s profile, where it can be edited or shared with other team members.

In addition to live video interviews, RIVS offers one-way interviews, our most popular feature. Through one-way interviews, hiring managers can send candidates interview questions for them to answer in a video, voice or written format. One-way digital interviews allow candidates to complete the interview on their own time from the comfort of their home, creating a better candidate experience. Recruiters are then able to review and rank candidate interviews on their own time as well as share candidate responses with other recruiters for a collaborative interviewing process.

Recruitment Focused

RIVS is an online interviewing platform built for recruiting. RIVS integrates with may applicant tracking systems so that hiring managers can organize open requisitions, candidate profiles, documents and interviews all in one location. Hiring managers can communicate with candidates directly through the RIVS platform sending candidates emails to interviews as well as scheduling interviews based on the recruiter’s availability in their RIVS calendar. Communication efforts are tracked in case a recruiter needs to refer back to them and the not-so-fun game of phone tag is completely eliminated with online scheduling.


RIVS Digital Interviews provides a unique experience for both the hiring manager and the candidate – an experience that results in a seamless and positive hiring process. If you’re interested in learning more about how digital interviews can advance your interviewing process, click here to schedule a live demonstration of RIVS.

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