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Oxford Business Group (OBG), a global research and consulting firm, publishes economic intelligence reports on various markets across the world. As the leading source of business intelligence reports in the countries they cover, OBG places a large emphasis on hiring the right country directors and editorial managers to manage, run and uphold their prestigious reputation in their working countries. Unable to spend the time or money flying every candidate in for an in-person interview, OBG adopted Skype to connect with remote candidates, but quickly found their time being consumed stuck in interviews with candidates who were not a suitable fir for the role. Understanding the importance of video interviews, OBG needed a tool to help them narrow down their candidate pool quickly, but still connect with the candidates remotely via video.

Goodbye Skype, Hello Async’s Video Interviews

Oxford Business Group implemented Async Interview’s (a RIVS solution) one-way video interviews to screen country director and editorial manager candidates based on their video responses to prerequisite questions related to their role.

“The difference in the quality of the candidates we interview after screening them with video interviews is day and night. We know we are investing time in the right…

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