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It seems counter-intuitive to think of patients as “interviewing” their potential healthcare providers, but the fact is that every new patient appointment is, in effect, an interview of sorts. But with the stringent time constraints on medical personnel, time is a precious commodity that cannot afford to be squandered. So how can patients develop the same level of trust, knowledge, and comfort in their healthcare providers? Believe it or not, video interviews offer a workable solution to give patients the comfort that their doctors have been carefully chosen. Why?

Why Patients Prefer Healthcare Professionals Who Have Completed A Video Interview 1. Communication Skills

A video interview allows for a candidate’s entire record to be evaluated by the relevant HR professionals in addition to their nonverbal communications and personality. Having undergone the process of a digital interview means that more than a professional’s resume was reviewed. Some healthcare professionals have an excellent bedside manner, others come across as a cold or impersonal professional. The video interview process allows these qualities to be discovered and identified so that the “right” professionals end up getting hired.

2. Personality Insight

Similar to communication skills, a video interview allows for the assessment of personality…

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