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A lot of companies are looking for a way to harness the power of referrals in attracting talent to their open positions.  Acclaimd is an Ohio-based startup that is dedicated to helping solve that problem through social media marketing and analytics.

A simple, but formidable tool, Acclaimd allows recruiters to harness the power of their major social networks in sharing their current job openings.  The uniqueness of Acclaimd’s offering is that it is platform agnostic which means it can compliment any current system you are using so you don’t have to completely change platforms or an ATS just to add in the functionality the platform offers.

Acclaimd positions itself to be one more powerful tool in your arsenal to attract and identify better quality candidates for your jobs.  And, Acclaimd loves data, so as they continue to grow the tool, set your expectations that they’ll be feeding in more data, metrics, analytics, and trends for you to better understand, assess, and manage the success of the tool.


  • Social Referrals with the ability to reach Passive Candidates within the major social media platforms
  • Direct Messaging capabilities to send LinkedIn direct messages or personalized emails
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Advanced Analytics Tools for measuring your social media performance
  • Create Jobs optimized for social media and mobile
  • Identify Candidates through key word and skill matching
  • Ability to Promote Referral Rewards Programs
Acclaimd Recruiter Job Forward

Sample screen shot for forwarding a job among your network connections

[tab:User Experience]

The first understanding you have to have is that Acclaimd is a startup, so everything you might experience is a work in progress.  When first signing up for the free 14-day trial, getting setup can be a little clunky, but never fear, items such as these will be cleared up soon and the platform is simple and easy to use, so it didn’t bother us.

If you stayed on the screen you signed up through, the tool walks you through the steps of setting up your account properly and with ease, however, if you followed the directions to verify your email address first and then went back into the dashboard via the email verification link, you might feel a little lost at first and have to go through the links to the recruiter area to finish your setup.

Once you get to the right place, setup was a breeze and the tool does a great job of walking you through the steps of creating a job with title, location, details, referral reward, and skill tag information being captured.  After you create your first job, you’re up and running to start utilizing the tools that unfold to start targeting individuals within your social networks and/or to being social broadcasting of your open roles.

Acclaimd recruiter dashboard

Sample recruiter dashboard

The Acclaimd dashboard gives you easy access to see what campaigns you have running, which networks you have connected, and what branding you have uploaded.  (Did we forget to mention that this option is provided?  Yes, you can add your own logo and branding to accompany your jobs!)

The tool also allows you to direct users who view the jobs you share to your ATS application page to request more information by simply including the URL in the posting, but they can also do this directly through the tool if you’re using the product alone.  And, if you’re looking to add a reward program to your referral system, the platform lets you provide these details in each posting.

Acclaimd Recruiter Job Broadcast

Sample job broadcasting screen shot

The tool has some nice features such as auto re-posting, with enhancements such as rotating messages with the auto-posting to be released in updates coming soon.  The Acclaimd team will continue to offer feature enhancements spending time on each platform to maximize the capability of how you are able to reach your network.  The team understands the value in keeping items new and fresh for social media as a huge component of engagement, so it’s nice that they are spending time on small details that can have a large impact.

LinkedIn has been one of the major focuses up front with the ability to import connections, identify individuals and  (in the future) groups you might want to send the job to, and send direct messages and posts through the system.  It makes sense to focus the majority of the enhancements here, since LinkedIn is currently the most powerful network for recruiting, but they’re not ignoring Facebook and Twitter and more changes will come for them too, over time.

Acclaimd Candidate I'm Interested

Sample candidate interest form to contact recruiters/employers

When it comes to engagement, it is simple for applicant users to be pulled back into the platform and respond to jobs.  The platform does not require an applicant to supply a resume, and instead focuses on providing high level information and a quick experience, recognizing that for many respondents who come into contact with a job opening, they may not have a resume on hand and it’s better to reach out and get the conversation and interest started.

Currently the tool’s analytics track such network insights as to which campaigns received the most traffic, who’s forwarding posts, how many times posts have been forwarded and can break it out into network reach.  The analytics portion of the tool will continue to grow overtime given the team’s love for data (as well as the industry’s) and we’re interested to see how the visualization of the data is communicated in future enhancements.

Acclaimd is just one of an arsenal of tools that a recruiter has at their disposal and the team knows this, however, they leverage this to their advantage, focusing on improving and growing the platform to provide the best experience for what they offer when it comes to social media marketing of jobs and remaining platform agnostic so anyone can easily add their services into their current process.

The question remains if you’re ready to jump in with them, try out the product as they grow , and be a part of helping to improve the experience overtime, or waiting to see if their future product advancements meet your needs.


Need basic support?  You can go right to the website where a handy, easy to locate tab will allow you to submit any feedback, questions, or problems you have, including allowing you to attach files to further aid your cause.

If you’re interested in integrating your Acclaimd subscription with an ATS (applicant tracking system,) Acclaimd currently has an integration with PCRecruiter, and you can expect future integrations as the platform grows.  But, don’t worry if your current ATS isn’t listed, there are still ways to get you up and running with ease. And, once you’re setup, Acclaimd will pull jobs from your ATS directly into their platform.

Acclaimd also scales well currently with mobile, but the team plans to continue their mobile optimization to maximize on the power of mobile being a strong trend in connecting with passive candidates.

The team seems to know their challenges and has a steady plan for rolling out new features and product improvements as well as continuing to adapt with the market and address challenges in the long term such as helping recruiters alleviate problems with engagement and developing content that motivates passive job seekers.

And, finally, if you’re stuck on your end as to how to maximize the tool, Acclaimd will also work with recruiters on a contract basis to assist in developing social recruiting strategies to augment  your efforts.


Pricing with Acclaimd is simple and straightforward. You can try the service for 14 days for free, no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required. (We love it when companies make things simple and stand behind their products.)

If you like it, subscriptions run $20/month for each recruiter and you can cancel at any time.  You get unlimited jobs and referrals with each subscription.  The best part: they’re growing the platform so expect new features and product enhancements, so you’ll get more bang for your buck overtime.

Bonus: Future partnerships with companies are also in the works to provide promotions and discounts to utilize Acclaimd through partner platforms.

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