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If you’re tired of wasting time conducting reference checks by phone that provide you little more than a confirmation of a candidate’s existence and an earful of rehearsed acclaim, then you might be interested in ChequedReference™. ChequedReference™ is a part of a Predictive Employee Performance™ Suite offered by Chequed.com, their other main product being ChequedFit™.

The name should clearly give away what this product is used for, but its feature rich platform pushes it beyond being just a tool to check off boxes completing references for a candidate.  ChequedReference™ not only helps automate the pre-employment reference checking process, it uses behavioral science to offer predictive insights on candidate performance allowing you one last look at candidate fit before making a critical hiring decision.

If you upgrade to their premium service or above you also have access to build your talent pipeline through a powerful candidate sourcing portal built into the tool.  It makes building a searchable online referral network from your candidates quick and easy.  And, it automates the same practices recruiters and administrators have been toiling over for years into an easy, functional, and time-saving, online solution.


  • Mobile-ready/Cloud-based technology: While many platforms may only service iOS or Android devices, ChequedReference™ is available across all platforms including Windows Mobile and Palm®-enabled devices (that’s one you rarely see on lists nowadays.)  Their platform allows employers to share and review results and feedback from anywhere at any time.
  • Assessment logic: If you’re not used to getting much data from a reference phone call, you might be intrigued by how the assessment logic works via the basic framework of questions asked of each reference.  The predictive scoring can provide improved insights to how the candidate will fit the job.  So if you were on the fence or struggling between two candidates, this tool can help solve your hiring dilemma.
  • Chequed Quality Indicator: Think a candidate can game the system by providing fake references, think again.  The Chequed Quality Indicator alerts you to the likeliness of reference fraud on the candidate’s part on a sliding scale from slightly concerned where you could opt to conduct a phone verification, to outright falsification.Chequed Quality Indicator
  • Sourcing Tab: While this is only available for Premium users and up, the capability is an easy way to grow referral networks.  It’s searchable by keyword and tied into LinkedIn’s API for additional background information.  If you manage your talent pools in other tools, the database is also easily exportable to any ATS or CRM.
  • Detailed Reporting & Analytics: The tool makes all of the reporting relevant and easy to understand via measures such as their Executive Summary.
  • Legal Compliance & Employment Verification: Chequed.com has taken care of all of your legal compliance concerns for automating reference checks, including offering a Release of Liability that gets around corporate and company policies that generally don’t allow employees to provide information on an applicant beyond their dates of employment.  Add that to the fact that you can check a reference and verify past employment in one step.
  • Confidential References: The tool allows you to opt for confidential references which enable more honest responses.  This in turn equates to more valuable predictive information on whether the candidate will be a fit for the role feeds more accurate data to inform their Rehire Indicator.
  • Benchmarking & Customizable Questions: While the tool offers its own benchmarks for the most common job families and positions to work from in order to receive the most beneficial results from the tool, you still have the option to add in your own customized questions to the mix if you choose.
    Sample Business Impact Questions

    Sample Business Impact Questions


  • Employment Branding: Once you’re beyond the free version, all communications within the tool can be customized with your recruitment brand leaving an added impression on candidates and reference providers.

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From setup to analyzing results, we found the tool extremely easy and intuitive to navigate, and if you had any questions, there are a number of demos and informational video clips readily available on the website before having to reach out to anyone at Chequed.com.

Once you’ve setup your position in the system (which is fast and easy due to all of the pre-built templates for each step,) candidates are able to drive the process after a quick email invitation is sent to them.  They in turn enter their references into the system which sends out a customized email invitation to the references coming from the candidate to participate.

This small feature of the generated email coming from the candidate with their own personal message increases completion rates while reducing the time you would have traditionally spent playing phone tag.

Sample Chequed Reports

Sample Report

Once the minimum number of references is received back for a candidate (generally 3 to help retain anonymity of the responses—which usually takes less than 48 hours to receive back) the system generates a report showing the candidate’s score, an easy to understand executive summary of the score and responses, and the interview questions.

We appreciated Chequed.com has also paid particular attention to make sure the reference checking process goes as smoothly as possible for both the candidate and the reference giver.  The reference provider doesn’t have to spend time re-entering information about the candidate that’s already known, but merely has to verify or edit the information already provided by the candidate.  (Because the last thing you want to make a reference do is fill out an unnecessary form and waste their time.)

Additionally, references are able to complete the check on their own time which we feel is an added bonus to the value of the responses received.  The ability to quickly run through a set of simple selection questions and optional customized open-ended questions makes the process much smoother than being put on the spot on the phone in the middle of a busy work day.

In testing the product you can easily see the time it saves as well as the value in the data and information that can be collected.  The simplicity of the tool can trick you into forgetting how much science and labor sits behind its framework. The simplicity also works in the tools favor because it doesn’t try to be everything to everyone, it serves it’s purpose and stops while it’s ahead and allows for integration with other products if you require a more complete solution.

There may have been a few product improvements we’d like to see, specifically in the sourcing tab and its integration with LinkedIn.  If you already have access to pull the reference provider’s data via the API, it could be even more useful to be able to keyword search their entire profile versus only the candidate provided information, as well as to regularly update the profiles.  But, this could easily be something for a future product update.

The company contends a 94% customer retention rate on this product, so they must be doing something right.


Getting setup is a breeze.  In fact, you can go to their website right now and get setup in less than 5 minutes, if you are a single user or just want to test the product for yourself.  We were pretty quick when we tried it and got up and running in just under 3 minutes.

When asked about their attention to the user experience, Chequed.com has a full team of developers on staff ready to make sure their platform is always delivering results.  We won’t reveal just how many developers they have on hand, but it’s plenty to get the job done and then some, releasing minor updates to their platform every few weeks when necessary with major updates happening quarterly.

As a client it’s always nice to know when you can expect the next update so the quarterly schedule is nice and not too far in between.  Also, the team is very open to suggestions and improvements to the platform, both internally and externally.

If you’re going the budget route and signing up for a single account online, you won’t have access to some of the bells and whistles of support an enterprise account will get you, but you probably also won’t miss them because you won’t have the same needs.

For an enterprise account you can expect more customization to your platform based on your needs as well as a dedicated account manager.  The platform also integrates well sitting on top any ATS, with the company confirming integrations with iCIMS, Newton, and Kenexa to name a few.

We also wanted to give a nod to the website design as they’re already very transparent with the product and a demo was almost not even necessary (but highly appreciated) with almost all of the relevant information and answers to questions available in a slew of short video clips and demos on the site.

And, in case you can’t find what you need, you can always reach Chequed.com’s support via email, live chat, or phone (links to all are always easily located on the website and within the tool as you navigate through the process.)


While Chequed.com’s target markets reside with midsize and larger companies which they offer more customized solutions, their self-service model offers a quick and easy way to start using the tool and let it grow with your needs as your organization grows.

You can start using the tool for 30 days for free with no credit card.  Their basic service starts at $49/month for up to 6 candidates and 2 positions.  The cost can be easily justified if you consider that time is money and you calculate how many hours you would spend on the phone against your hourly rate and add in the additional predictive features you benefit from.  You can see more on their pricing and features offered at each level here.

The tool boasts:

  • Reducing time devoted to conduct reference checks by over 90%
  • Reference provider completion rates boosted to over 80%
  • Improved recruitment brand as experienced by candidates and reference providers
  • An increased candidate pipeline (for those using a premium or above account)

We’ve all had candidates that ace the interview and seem perfect with glowing phone references, but are nightmares or just not up to par once hired.  ChequedReference™ provides a great solution to do away with antiquated phone checking and provides that last double-check to make sure that the person you’re about to hire is the right fit for the role.

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