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In a market where many companies are attempting to push candidates through a traditional business process to get to a hire, GetTalent is standing out by doing things differently when it comes to engaging talent networks.  Rather than just helping funnel applicants into an ATS system, GetTalent helps companies to build talent funnels, completely separate of current systems, by allowing potential employees or brand ambassadors to engage and connect with companies of interest via their tools.

GetTalent utilizes social and mobile technology within its platform to provide a way for employers to build more personal relationships with their talent pools, keeping them constantly engaged throughout the life cycle of their careers—think of it as a candidate CRM on steroids, with a smile. With very few mainstream competitors, GetTalent is leading the space as the dominant player for this type of candidate engagement solution.

They’re flipping how we view the candidate funnel and driving a more strategic approach to capture potential candidates when and where you can while connecting with them over the long term to develop better matches between candidates and employers—creating opportunities for candidates and employers to match up when the fit falls at the right time, verses accepting the ‘this will do for right now’ scenarios we often face.

Talent Acquisition Funnel


  • Mobile App allows for sourcing anytime, anywhere
  • Targeted social outreach
  • Voice to text integration
  • Data collection
  • Out of the box analytics
  • Configurable reports that can be scheduled to sent automatically
  • Pre-built career page widgets and buttons for easy integration on your sites
  • Complements your current Applicant Tracking System with the ability to push talent to your ATS when needed.
  • Personalized Messaging allows you to outreach to every person on the platform
  • Location based QR Codes

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If you think engagement prior to posting a job application is not important, check out the graphic from GetTalent of career page visitors to actual completed job applications, and then consider the opportunity lost in connecting with that many potential candidates for future position.

Missed engagement opportunities gettalent

GetTalent’s platform addresses the need to nurture a relationship with job candidates at all times, even when you’re not currently recruiting.  It’s like career succession planning for the masses using their automated tools.  You can compare it in some ways as a high tech, high volume version of being a headhunter.  Traditional executive recruiters build relationships with their candidates over time, presenting the right opportunities as they come available and as they are a fit for the right person.

GetTalent’s solution allows companies to engage all of their candidates using technology in a similar fashion.  It’s up to each company to develop their own goals to develop their plan and strategy for how they use the platform but they sky is the limit in the creative ways to engage and develop different pools of candidates via the tools available.  GetTalent provides the backend structure and companies are able to slice and dice their talent communities any way they see fit based on the data they choose to collect or where a candidate might enter their portal.

For some companies, this could be a bit daunting, because the success of the platform is really all about executing the right strategy for your company, and there could be some trial and error up front as you learn how to engage your audience.  For others, this could be just the tools they’re waiting to leverage to take that engagement to the next level and separate it out from the traditional job application and recruitment experience.

The platform can act as a complement to push users to new job openings and into the ATS or it can also be used in reverse to revitalize your current ATS, which can be filled with stagnant outdated records, by exporting the data into the platform and re-engaging candidates by creating new affinity groups and collecting updated information.

While some may look at it as a glorified email marketing platform or glorified CRM for candidates, GetTalent has created an interesting engagement tool based around four key pillars: Build, Understand, Engage, Analyze.  All four elements work hand and hand to support your talent communities.  (Note: you currently must be an enterprise customer to use the mobile app.)

Starting with building your affinity groups, GetTalent has a number of ways to engage candidates via easy to integrate widgets that can be plugged into career pages to a mobile app that allows for sourcing on the fly and fun tools like voice to text integration to capture searchable notes or resume parsing via photo capture.

As you begin to understand the audiences you are building you can work to engage users creating a better candidate experience for passive and active job seekers looking to connect with your brand.  Within all of these you can analyze and understand the data to improve your business decisions around your recruitment strategy and continue to grow and engage your talent.

Because of the versatility in the platform, for maximum utilization, the platform can straddle being integrated not only in the HR/Recruiting departments within a company, but also the Marketing and Branding departments.

As for the candidate experience, employers now have tools available to them to provide multiple methods and sources for introducing users to their platform.  Companies can even start building user groups years in advance to build brand loyalty and grow their brand ambassadors into future employees.  But the experience is really all what the companies make it to be, so it’s still up to employers to provide engaging communication to build those bonds—the platform doesn’t stand alone.

GetTalent is definitely forward thinking in where and how companies need to be viewing sourcing and engaging talent and have had a head start in bringing their product to market.  It’s only a question of time to see how quickly others will work to mimic or compete within the space, especially with social networks like Google+ creating a poor man’s version of some of the engagement tools the platform provides.  But, their innovative feature sets and impressive client list enables them a leg up on analyzing their own data to set upcoming trends in how they will continue to develop the product.


The product is built as a pure SaaS platform and can easily scale with clients as needed.   And, when it comes to data that is captured within GetTalent, you, the customer, own yours.  You can export it via a CSV file at any time, while using the product with no penalties.

If you need support, a contact phone number, email, and support form are all easily accessible via their website.

Expect enterprise accounts to have a different level of support based on SLAs developed with the vendor versus solutions that are currently in the works of being created for small to medium businesses and recruiters.  For small to medium sized business, expect to be able to get up and running via a self-deploy model within an hour on the platform (once the solution is out of invitation only mode.)

Enterprise solutions can take on average 30-75 days to implement depending on the specific goals of the customer.  GetTalent operates on a customer success model for enterprise accounts where each customer gets to define what success means to them and they execute on that premise with the people in place dedicated to making it happen.

One might ask if it integrates with an ATS, but one needs to change their thinking about this type of solution.  Consider it more of a complementary product that sits independent of other tools being utilized where traffic can be fed in either direction without a need for integration.  They do however have some partnerships with companies like Taleo in creating stronger use of the platform.


Currently, when you utilize GetTalent’s solution, there is a licensing fee component to buy rights to access the platform.  In addition to this, the company charges a per-transaction fee on enterprise accounts based on the number of records with pricing going up in bands/tiers.

The solution is primarily geared towards enterprise level accounts at the moment, but they are working to adapt their platform and build solutions for companies of any size.  Expect to see more on these offerings within the coming year.  The solutions for smaller companies are said to be priced on a subscription fee similar to the licensing fee, scaling in pricing tiers based on the size of the company rather than pricing by seats.

Being a product with few competitors, we’re curious to see how competitive the pricing will be over time as more players enter the field.  While there are no exact products like it on the market, we are seeing some comparable products with similar engagement strategies being coupled with interviewing and recruitment tools at lower price points.  But, the beauty in GetTalent being a standalone product is that it doesn’t dictate which tools a company can use in conjunction with the platform.

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