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Finding the perfect job can be downright stressful and even if you do find it, maneuvering through career growth can be challenging.  On paper, many jobs look great, but in reality it’s just not the right match.  Wouldn’t it be great if you just magically knew where you’d fit in and be happy?

While we can’t snap our fingers and present perfect opportunities, Good.co is developing a tool that can get you closer to discovering your ideal work environment, whether you’re pursuing a new opportunity and trying to figure out how to get ahead in your current role.  And for employers, it can do the same, helping you answer the culture fit question much earlier in the recruitment process.

Imagine that in less than 10 minutes utilizing Good.co’s proprietary psychometric algorithms (the time you’d probably spend surfing the internet on a coffee break at work) you can discover your work style.  What defines your work style?  Your work style is made up of the things that make you happy, what’s important to you, what motivates you, and what helps you succeed.

And once you know those critical details, Good.co can help match you with companies and people you’re compatible with along with tips and advice on dealing with other types of people you might not be as well suited to work with.  But, the fun doesn’t stop there. (And we do say fun, because Good.co definitely makes their tool fun and easy to use.)

There are a plethora of additional nifty insights and features with more in the works that makes Good.co a unique platform to get one step closer to harnessing the power of the ‘fit’ question and getting everyone closer to finding happiness in their work.  And since 1 out of every 2 people tend to not last more than 18 months in a role because of culture fit, it’s a problem definitely worth solving, and Good.co is on their way to helping get to a better solution.


  • Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm
  • Personal and Organization archetypes
  • Company & Peer Fit Score Reports
  • Job Board w/ archetype matching
  • Profile Canvas (Think of it as your career insight dashboard)
Archetype blend

Sample Archetype Blend

dream team

Sample Team Fit


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If you’re wondering why you’d use a tool like Good.com, think about any job you’ve ever been unhappy in and why.  Now if you could know before taking that role if you’d be happy or now, wouldn’t you want that piece of information to save you time and stress in the job search?

peer comparisonGood.co has approached the problem by decoding the science behind workplace happiness, creating a tool that allows for a self-discovery process paired with uncovering cultural fit, all centered around a psychometric algorithm as a part of the filtering process.  And what do you get?  A platform that helps people find a job they love or to be happier and more productive in their current roles.

First, we’ll start off by saying how much we enjoyed using this tool.  Good.co did a great job of blending pop culture and social elements into their tool that directly speaks to capturing the attention of the millennial audience, but because of the universality of many of the icons and styling they’ve chosen, it also doesn’t alienate any Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and beyond, either.

The way Good.co presents their tool is in part what we feel makes it successful in engaging the average job seeker and careerist.  It’s not intimidating like many assessments, it takes a fraction of the time to completes as other similar assessments (think the 3-10 minute range), and the results are fun, accessible, and relatable.

Personal Canvas

Sample Questionnaire Type for Personal Archtype

We’re not kidding about quick.  After your initial login, which can also be done via LinkedIn or Facebook connect, it takes a few mere minutes to complete the initial assessment which begins to decode your strengths and personality towards work.  After that you can continue to build out your personal canvas by quick situational questionnaires regarding former jobs and managers that gives further understanding to how you fit into roles in the past and how you might adjust your career path in the future.

We took it and found most of the results nearly spot on and it gave a deeper level of understanding to why certain work relationships were effective and others were not.  If you’re ready to dive in deeper, you can even find your fit score among your peers to uncover differences and identify gaps.  This can allow you to create your own custom dream team to define roles and understand ideal personality mixes. (We see great potential for employers to tap into this for more effective and collaborative teams.)

Company Search

Sample Company Search w/ Archetypes

When you’re ready to hop on over and explore companies you might fit in, Good.co already has over 400 company profiles in their mix and it’s growing daily.  Employers can claim their companies, but the fun and interesting part is that the data becomes collective intelligence, as more users input their employment data and get their fit scores with employers.  Overtime, the data around employers will grow in giving a true sense of companies’ cultural environment.

This part of the tool is fun to explore, especially if you’ve ever had some dream companies you’ve wanted to work for.  You can compare your archetypes to see if they’re companies you’d actually fit in with.  And, if they are, you can work to pursue those opportunities, and if not, discover new companies that can bring you workplace satisfaction.  Originally you could only search companies by name, but they’ve recently added in the feature to search companies by archetype which makes it easier to find companies that may not have been on your radar.

job boardIf you’re in job search mode, well, they have a job board, too, which of course factors in all the knowledge of the Good.co platform and allows you to see your personality and company fit alongside each position.  That certainly makes knowing which openings are worth your time to apply to more worthwhile.

Side note: they also provide you with your own Good.co profile link you can share as you see fit—think resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters, email signatures, etc.  There are many more small features we’re leaving out, but hopefully you’ll have fun discovering them and playing in the tool like we did.

While most initial users might see Good.co as a job matching tool putting us in harmony with employers, it can also provide deeper insights for individuals looking for greater meaning in their careers.  The tool helps people to better identify themselves in order to take proactive steps to achieve the balance and productivity they desire in their work.

Good.co sees the platform as being a lifetime relationship with their customers, with continual discovery happening over the course of a person’s career.  The tool has many touch points that allow for self directed learning and we expect it to only get more robust as time goes on.

We’re big proponents of self-discovery and understanding the world around us in order to improve.  Good.co is doing a good job of helping individuals do this easily and quickly—in a manner that fits in with the fast pace of our day to day lives. It doesn’t have all the answers, but they’re doing an effective job of getting us pointed in the right direction faster in order to find the answers we seek.  We’ll definitely be watching this platform to see how it continues to develop and build relationships with its user base.


Good.co is a startup so expect a few quirks here and there. But, also expect them to fix them fairly quickly. Could have been a coincidence, but we saw one bug we reported fixed within hours.

They’re openly soliciting feedback on the tool from users and make it easy to provide it by a handy feedback button easily spotted on-screen within the tool.

If you’re skeptical about their algorithms, they provide some great information on the psychometric algorithms used along with some additional information from their key researcher.  We like the transparency and we just like to learn so read up if you’re like us.

While not primarily in the service/support category, the tool also offers an activity feed which we find useful in seeing who’s visited our profile (useful to connect with others in our network, see if employers are looking, or if you reported a bug no doubt you might see a team member checking out your profile to see if it’s fixed—a little piece of mind) and keeping track of things you’ve done inside the tool.

They also have a handy blog, Thrive, with additional career and job seeker advice that can be worthwhile to check out.


Good.co is currently in beta and the tool is free for anyone to use.  As they continue to refine the product and build their user base, expect their product offerings for employers and recruiters to grow for paid for use services (look to the 6-18 month range to launch more employer offerings) but for the main tool to remain free for regular users.  Good.co is a startup, so like any good startup they could pivot their monetization scheme at any time to fit the needs of their consumers.

As for career-goers, you can’t beat free in helping to get more answers around the direction of your work.  We suggest getting in on the beta and helping Good.co grow their tool.  We already love what it can show us and hope that it only gets better with more user input.

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